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The school retain, head football coach DJ Durkin and athletic director Damon Evans after an investigation into allegations of abuse durken's program and the death of player, Jordan McNair school. President wallace. Low will resign. June night in the NBA polluted. The Celtics taken the pistons one eight one zero five Kyrie had thirty one thirty one as well. Rafters up to seven and one hundred twenty nine to one twelve over the Sixers lasers hand, the rockets their fourth straight loss at home. They're houston. It's one in five four one zero four to eighty five winners and the thunder get thirty two piece from Paul George, and Russell Westbrook and taking the clippers won twenty eight to one ten Cavaliers get their first win this under Larry drew one thirty six to one fourteen over the hawks. Rodney hood had twenty six meantime from the NFL trade deadline at two wide receivers on the move eagles. Get golden tape from the lions Maria's Thomas from the Broncos to the Texans. Dante foul from the ran to the ranch from the Jags. The college football playoff rankings had been unveiled which team currently outside. The top four has the best chance to climb into the playoff that more. Wednesday will Cain show weekdays at three eastern on ESPN radio. The ESPN. An ESPN news. We are Chicago's number one sport station ESPN one thousand and ESPN Chicago dot com. First and last first and last on ESPN radio on the ESPN app. It was great. We've come to the end of October. It is candy.

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