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Speakers just say play seventy seven WABC traffic and transit up next traffic and transit good afternoon there's a backup on two eighty seven in Westchester county eastbound from this spring brook after the Bronx river parkway and if you're leaving Westchester county by the Tappan Zee bridge heading directly we get a delay coming off of the Tappan Zee bridge getting onto the Thruway heading up to three oh three where we have an accident also a lot of heavy traffic in the Bronx westbound cross Bronx is jammed from Westchester Avenue out to the George Washington bridge heavy delays over the northbound southbound begin coming into the cross Bronx and the Throgs neck bridges specially heavy in both directions got a lot of traffic on the white stone as well but go for the latest on whether you're heading into the Bronx or queens heavy traffic in Brooklyn out down the line as he slammed from the belt split right on into the Verrazano bridge I'm G. Chile's talk radio seventy seven WABC yeah hi Larry is Bobby Rydell so many amazing gasket you're gonna hear at you can hear the music as well right here on seventy seven WABC on the fourth of July we are proud to partner with the tunnel to towers foundation to honor our frontline heroes this fourth of July and we present to you starting at six PM and all American fourth of July celebration like I said it's gonna be music that takes away back to the sixties really really great great stuff so let's beat the sound track for you to your holiday as we honor our frontline heroes on the fourth.

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