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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Shay Stevens. President Trump has signed a much delayed nineteen billion dollar disaster aid package for states affected by hurricanes floods, and wildfires, as NPR's timbre kief reports Trump signed the measure during a trip to Europe to commemorate d day. Trump tweeted out a picture of himself holding up the signed Bill well seated in his office quarters on Air Force One. The money will aid disaster recovery, and states affected by recent flooding in wildfires, as well as Puerto Rico, where rebuilding from two devastating hurricanes in twenty seventeen has been slow congress had been negotiating this aid package for months and reached the outlines of bipartisan deal win. President Trump demanded that Ford or funding be added in ultimately the Bill passed after Trump was convinced to drop his demand. Tamra Keith NPR news for Trump is not pulling back his threat to impose tariffs on Mexican. Sports next week, a second day of White House talks aimed at averting the move and Thursday without a deal stemming my Gration to the southwest US border a Roman Catholic Bishop is trying to punish the top two Democrats. On the Illinois legislature for supporting a sweeping abortion rights measure, the tales from WBZ's, Dave McKinney in Chicago, Bishop Thomas Pap, rocky oversees the Catholic diocese of Springfield. He's ordered priests under his authority to deny communion to house speaker. Michael Madigan and Senate president John color tin, both are Chicago Catholics and were instrumental in passing a Bill. That provides broad new protections for abortion rights Bishop pep rocky says they're public support was a quote grave sin. You can't say these things, and then be a Catholic in good standing Madigan says an statement he believed it was more important to protect a woman's right to make her healthcare decisions than about to the Bishop. The archdiocese of Chicago says it does not have any plans to withhold communion from the. Lawmakers for NPR news. I'm Dave McKinney? In Chicago, the university of Alabama trustees plan to vote Friday on whether to return twenty one and a half million dollar gift and remove the donor's name from its law school. Hugh Culverhouse says he certain the dispute stems from his call for boycott of the school to protest state law. That makes it a crime to perform abortions except to save a woman's life university. Officials say they're reacting to Culverhouse's attempts to dictate how donation will be used a Canadian court has set a January twentieth extradition date for detained wall way executive wanted in the US on fraud charges than carbon reports in setting the date, the British Columbia supreme court. Accepted a plan, put forward by mum one Joe's defense team. It could mean the case being wrapped up within two years record, according to one of her lawyers, given the complexity of the case mum while as CFO was detained by Canada on an extradition request by Washington. The US accuses while way of conspiracy fraud and obstruction in violating. Sanctions against Iran, then carpentry. This is NPR. Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden says he no longer supports a law that bars, the use of federal money for most voices might end says his change of position on the Hyde amendment is about access to healthcare and not politics. He told an audience at a party fundraiser in Atlanta, Thursday. He makes no apologies for his previous position, Biden says he wants supported the high amendment, because he believed there was wide enough access to abortion services without the need for Medicaid or other government support, Norrland's, music, legend, Dr John suffered a fatal.

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