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Speaking to you are in front of a national audience from our three dimensional well studios and nestled at the base of the majestic Rocky Mountains this show is about empowering you people and organizations that want to optimize their assets minimize taxes and in the power and they're often take well you know as a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist for more than forty five years one of the most common questions that I have been asked by students that when they come to learn about smart safe ways to accumulate money for long term goals such as retirement and they learn how I have been able to accomplish tax free average rates of return and the seven to ten percent range which for every million dollars that you accumulate will generate seventy to a hundred thousand a year of tax free income guide what will raise their hand and say digo why isn't everybody doing this and it's going to shock you and so I'm going to provide in this segment ten reasons if I have time why your financial advisor hasn't told you about this in fact let me tell you a little story way back when Time Warner and my publisher and for my first several books because I self published my first book titled misfortune and we started going through five thousand copies a month that I got the attention of Time Warner and so they wanted to buy the rights to that become my publisher and they commissioned me to write tire three additional books and what was interesting is when my my editor one of the number one business editors are in the world Mr Rick wolf read my manuscript that was the first thing out of his mouth back to why isn't everybody doing this you know what every and so he says you have got to write a book titled why didn't my adviser tell me about this and so I actually dedicated a chapter to that very topic in my most recent best selling book the laser fun and so I'm gonna go through and just highlight even though I can't go into detail because my favorite vehicle I call the laser fun and it's it's not the only place where I put money but it's where.

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