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For what Tober November December January February March April may does the longest I've barely was in London this year. So after eight months like I can't help the timing. Like, she did something, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. So no, none of this is fake. This is not I have not timed this. I'm sure you wish it was fake. Ideally, do I'm no there was it was just too much. After an also I haven't lived here. I haven't seen them for so long and a Europe Ben like filming with them for all these months and getting into it. Like do the timing is just like a towered happy control controlling okay? From Meg from Australia. I believe everything Steph is said about Heidi. I do understand that something's may be exaggerated when you were hurt. But I believe in the essence of what Steph is said, and here's why we are first introduced a Heidi at the end of season, two adobe as Lawrence friend, Lauren is running fashion show and her boyfriend. Jason hooks up with his ex. Jessica Jessica is best friends with Lauren's enemy. Kristen see why then is Heidi all besties with Kristen on the catwalk. I think this is when they become friends, and ultimately what led Kristen to introduce Spencer to Heidi. Okay. That's one two way. Can I answer that? Yes. Yeah. Okay. So what I heard is Kristen was offered a spin off. She turned it down to be an actress. And so it was given to Lorne so Heidi. Clearly went to Kristen and learn. Okay. Heidi actively encourages Jin bunny to hook up with Lawrence crushing season two. It's on camera. We see it Lorne Injin and their friendship and in the midst Heidi denies involvement, and sort of turns on gen for the hookup. I've never met one of Heidi's funds press Hilton is her godfather gunners. Godfather and her makeup artist is gonna is godmother in all of knowing Heidi. She's never introduced me to a friend. Besides Natalie done who is the best. So. Yeah, this I mean, okay. This is actually simple when you like break it down. Yeah. And bonus footage from the season that Heidi and Spencer moving together, they call one of the Tillery companies to connect the electricity of whatever and charge it to Spencer's mom's card without telling her and Heidi pretends to be Janet Pratt on the phone. I guess there's not really question there if Heidi was really concerned about stuff sobriety. Then. Why would she bring alcohol and drink in front of her in the first place? You would never do that to family. I think that they were worried that the show didn't stern of drama, not sure. But again, let's so nice for your concern. But alcohols never been a problem for me. Okay. This is from Jess I am loving. How raw and real the podcast is sending nothing but love Stephanie. Thank you wells. You keep saying things like I think everything will work out. The problem is with toxic family that is not a safe blanket system. It took this long for Stephanie to confront this pain. And if her family does not recognize their part that is not stay safe for Steph. She may have to cut herself off for very long time. How that is. My soulmate right there, whoever I know..

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