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Encourage other families waiting for justice to not give up hope tammy matassa a minor plane crash this afternoon in snohomish county this is near harvey field we're told that a small cessna overshot the runway went through a fence and struck a car on airport way now no one was hurt but there were two people in the plane and one in the vehicle the ntsb is investigating expect road closures in the area while that investigation is ongoing crews in washington and oregon or trying to get a handle on to wildfires the biggest is the graham fire about sixty miles north of bend oregon some neighbors have been forced to evacuate at last check the fires burned about two thousand acres and only half contain state fire crews have been called a help the help fight the easter day fire near kennewick in southeast washington state about seven hundred and fifty acres of bring their but at this point no homes are threatened komo news time three thirty four let's get a check aaa traffic stalking on this mess in renton northbound four zero five just south of one six seven we still have an emergency response picking up your two right lanes this is why you're stopped much all the way back to the i five interchange from there northbound one six seventy south of four or five we had a crash taken up your rights lane and has just cleared but we're still slow back to one eightieth from there southbound four or five still struggling from about southeast eight the coal creek parkway southbound five seen heavy slowing from northgate all the way to the west seattle bridge is due in part to the south ninety nine cloture from the battery street tunnel down to south lander street our next report is at.

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