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Right Steve Winslow ninety five point five W. S. B. I'm W. SPV Rogers Kirk Wallace with sounds most accurate forecast for tonight a few scattered showers or thunderstorms then partly cloudy late turning cooler lows fifty one to fifty five tomorrow mostly sunny breezy and much cooler high sixty eight lows forty to forty four Thursday sunny high sixty nine low fifty Friday a fifty percent chance of light showers unseasonably cool high sixty five lows thirty eight to forty to seventy degrees on Peachtree street at ninety five point five W. S. B. Atlanta's news and talk Clark Howard brought to you on ninety five point five W. five delta community credit union glad you're with us here on the Clark Howard show where it's all about you learning ways to save more and spend less and anyone ever rip you off our website Clark dot com and Clark deals dot com help you stretch every dollar you've caught so not one but two friends have ended up going to get in their vehicles in the last five days and they both been debt why because neither person had driven the vehicles in the weeks so both of them older vehicles the batteries died in both vehicles neither would start with the job one was a gas engine vehicle the other way is an electric vehicle which is surprising to people because electric vehicles some of them have both the regular twelve volt battery like.

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