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Revival to the Indianapolis police officer caught making light of the shooting death of John reed on the Facebook live video will be punished that's what I am PT chief Randall Taylor says I'm rob Condit let me be clear comments are unacceptable what we are percent if disciplinary action against the house in a press conference Thursday morning Taylor said he knows there are rumors on who the officer is but he will identify the officer later in the investigation process rob Connie ninety three W. I. T. C. mobile news shouting protesters this afternoon block Michigan road near the spot where reed was killed officers wearing helmets and carrying shields were directing traffic away from the some advice for mother's day from state health commissioner Kris box you don't hug your elderly mom or grandma on mother's day in fact avoid hugs and kisses and handshakes completely here for a while she says exit kisses could put mom and grandma at risk twenty two thousand five hundred three people have the coronavirus in Indiana another thirty one Hoosiers have died congressman Greg pence is in Columbus this week but he plans on going to Washington even though the house is not in session Chris Davis reports on the issues he wants to discuss five new thanks for those folks that are healthy and that are able we should be out in Washington DC pence is enhancing and believes there are issues that need to be discussed talking about the pee pee pee talk about the care Sacchi says house speaker Nancy Pelosi has a committee of both Republicans and Democrats to determine how the house will get back to work but they haven't made that determination yet pence says he will wear a mask Chris Davis ninety three W..

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