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God sends us more people. Have that. And i don't know what the answer is but we're seeing it more than we used to five ten years ago. So dr lewis. I know you mentioned different products. That help could help things up. The problem is is that some of us have really good a really good ability to detoxify. And then there's some people that don't have a very good ability to detoxify. How would you know what products belonged to. What people are what they should take. Well you know. I personally like to throw in a lot of different things in hit it from different aspects. You know the so-called shotgun approach one of the favorite ones like just for the kidneys but it also has great effects in detoxification. Otherwise is is the kidney essentials in sometimes put people on that even though their kidney numbers look good Bennett has court accepts in court. Accepts is very highly research to be a super super mushroom. It's in several different of our products. And american ginseng and a stragglers. Stragglers is a really good clincher. To but again. I have people on kidney essentials. Then they feel better and they say oh my god you know. After a few weeks of this. I start feeling more energetic The kidney essentials. Some of that is From china traditional chinese medicine like pouria cocoas. It's chinese through fooling. Which is you speak chinese. I like that. I've been the china. Thank thank god. I went to china. And it's not now because i wouldn't want to go now but it was a great place and we learned a lot when we were there It's it's actually a fungus that has been shown to support kidney function and normal immune system function. So there's there's doesn't that go back to people having like Their gi track of their gi track is not if it's a slow mover. Let's just say you know you're trains aren't coming through at the right. They should which means every time you eat a meal. You should be getting rid of a meal. You don't have that kind of trains coming through. Would you say you could detox. Easy or hard. I mean would you have to change up that for people. It's it's worse is like i mentioned earlier. It what he'll do it. He'll you'll create leaky gut and yes it is condition. Even though there's some people say it doesn't you know a doesn't exist. Yes it does Any pollution though whether it doesn't matter fish from your water your food your soil It doesn't matter it's even adversely affecting our unborn children and that's way way way research. It's been done you know two or three decades ago Chemical sansa have been shown to add Toxic bardon and one of the reasons. I mentioned the The amino complete because the good amino acid profile is because the msn. What you're gonna get from the sistine the sulfur You know the thing about it. Is you need more. Msn and not imams. Well i know you know. Dr lewis sprayed some some spray for spiders the other day and he was just out there for a short time and when he came back you could tell his..

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