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Francisco Oakland San Jose executive privilege evolving story set precedent from now says he would prevent former national security adviser John Bolton from testifying in the Senate impeachment trial from told fox news today he would invoke executive privilege to stop the potential testimony explaining I think you have to for the sake of the office Wilson said Monday he would testify if subpoenaed during trump's impeachment trial speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to send the articles of impeachment against trump to the Senate next week amid heightened tension between Washington and Tehran after the U. S. strike that killed Iran's top general prison trip now told fox news that Qasem Soleimani posed an imminent threat because he was planning attacks on for embassy democratic senator Maggie hasn't is puzzled I'm not going to discuss details of what I heard a classified briefing but I am going to say that there has been this evolving contradictory set of stories which again speaks to not only the need for us to have a full briefing but it speaks to the importance of having a full fledged discussion and debate about the war powers act a justice department review of business dealings tied to Hillary Clinton ran its course with no findings of evidence to recommend a criminal investigation more from correspondent Evan Perez the justice department was looking into whether or not Hillary Clinton did anything illegal whether she got any special treatment from the FBI and looking at this uranium company called uranium one whether or not Hillary Clinton did anything illegal involving its sale sometime ago there won't be charges against Hillary Clinton as a result of this investigation former Boeing CEO Dennis Malmberg will be walking away with sixty two point two million dollars after being fired back in December after the company's poor response to two crashes and the grounding of its seven thirty seven maps Boeing's board chairman David Calhoun will take over as CEO on Monday and we'll get a seven million dollar bonus if he gets the Max back in service set taking a look at KSFO traffic a three car crash in Concord westbound highway for its before willow pass road the three right lanes are blocked in heavy traffic is starting at the bay point exit thirty traffic through San Francisco on north down one one from two eighty on the sky way to the lower deck of the bay bridge westbound at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are now on the back up isn't too bad to the middle of the parking lot but it doesn't get much better after you pass the metering lights it's going to be a slow ride right into San Francisco a two car wreck over to the right hand side in Berkeley eastbound eighty eight University Avenue heading to slow traffic that starts at the bay bridge mace and continues instructions right out to the highway for connector twenty minute delays on part out of San Francisco to the East Bay do doing a quick math problem with KSFO traffic I'm.

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