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Next couple of nights because of what took place in the streets and protests and as some will call it an uprising so it's been a year and we all had a a meeting on air a meeting with the republican candidate for mayor kenny smith yesterday and he talked about the city council meeting where it got real contentious and at the end of the meeting rather than do a bail to back door he walked into the crowd and said hey let's let's talk uh pretty gutsy move actually an and one that actually kinda put kinney on the map of being at least worthy of some respect and and a recognition so here we are a year later article in the newspaper today uh talks about last fall's protests led to increase funding for a workplace development and it talks about what may have been what what what has been done and uh and know what hasn't been done after the scott protests turned violent two years after a 2014 study from harvard university and uc berkeley that showed poor children in charlotte are the least likely to escape poverty among their peers in america's fifty largest cities and i don't know that we've necessarily improved that rating and i don't really understand i guess why charlotte would be at the bottom of that list as as opposed to some other cities but it does designate a lack of attention i suppose in some area or another we have learned in the last year that housing is pretty much available for the people who are working poor but it is in short supply for the poor poor the really poor so while i will we'll talk about that in a second now three 45 today my understanding is an i don't know if the timing of that presser today with the widow of keith lamont scott was chosen at that time because that also would designate about the same time that the incident took place on it does apartments out there are no university area but unless it three 45 or thereabouts.

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