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Right and that's the good old enough adele right there right but nonetheless i mean before we get into brian that we've been talking about them a lot lately what's what's the market labeling for brandon marshall who's going to pick up a receiver that's been in the league since two thousand and six and i mean didn't really play a game played five games last year and got hurt and got cut because he failed his physical heart and it's not like brandon marshal was doing much last year in those five games on monday at five games eighteen catches june fifty four yards no touchdowns all right i mean it's not great there obviously catch percentage as far as targets our adams about fifty four percent okay and this is like what brandon marshall like i said i mean the guy's playing for wet ten years already just finished up his tenth year who who was tigger guy he's like damaged goods pretty much all right brandon marshall one point yes was a great receiver and i'm very curious to see would you consider brandon marshall hall of famer all right let's see he has a high hundred fifty nine receptions over twelve hundred yards eighty two touchdowns let me see what's his all time numbers like like let's see if they got that on here all right let me see if i could find let's see my fancy schmancy little pro football reference site than all black let's see as far as career receptions he sixteenth all time third inactive twentythird all time receiving yards twentythird receiving touchdowns so he's not really top fifteen in any stat.

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