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Calls for the death penalty following the death of a saint louis police officer famous area police officer i'm carol daniel kmox news time four oh three we'll have traffic weather together for you coming up at four ten and that story but first a plane in distress lands safely spirit of st. louis airport let's take you to the traffic center and captain roger brand what do we know about what was wrong with this plane in the first place reportedly had had a heydrich hydraulic failure and a double system failure because there's the regular system and then there's a backup system and apparently they were both not functioning malfunctioning of some man or one person on board the pilot board this plane in about twenty one hundred gallons of fuel so they were worried about a possible fire when he landed so hydraulics could've most likely control the landing gear so it sounds like they may have not been able to get that landing gear down however within the last ten but fifteen minutes they did make a safe landing and no incident reported fire crews didn't have to deal with anything he piloted land that plane safely out at spirit of st. louis airport not long ago thank you so much roger the former police chief of saint louis county calling for the death penalty if the man arrested in the shooting death of north county cooperative police officer is convicted county councilman tim fitch wants county prosecutor wesley bell to reconsider his opposition to the death penalty But. mr bells position on the death penalty being against the death penalty in all cases if this officer killed in the line of duty doesn't scream for the death penalty i've not seen one bell issued a statement saying our thoughts and prayers are with officer lang stores family we will not comment at this time on the ongoing investigation the statement says nor will we ever politicize a horrible tragedy such as the loss of an officer in quote but makes made his first quarter appearance today meantime langston is being honored including by fellow officers who are holding vigil beside his casket in olive at officers from university city brentwood and creed core continuing the vigil this morning and it will continue until lang's doors funeral meanwhile the north county police cooperative headquarters black bunting hangs above the front door there's also a police car part there with a picture of lying store on the one window on that car of black ribbon of balloon and some flowers also a note place below it it rates thank you for your service and your life in north saint louis county brian kelly saint louis newsradio came molex news time for oh five adults in illinois will be able.

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