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Four million people who got the Moderna vaccine between late December and early January. Just 10 had a reaction and infectious disease specialist says those cases were all treatable and no one died. Pharmaceutical company. Merck says it is ending development of its two cove in 19 vaccines. ABC is Mark Remillard says the vaccines had disappointing results in their phase One studies. The company says the vaccines were well tolerated, but the efficacy of them fell short of other covert 19 vaccines. And it says the immune system response they produced was inferior to that scene in people who were naturally infected with covert 19. Mark says it will focus on the development of two therapeutics for treating infections. Prosecutors in Orange County have charged 10 people accused of making off of hundreds of thousands of dollars in fake unemployment claims. Orange County D a. Todd Spitzer says two people filed more than 1000 claims. Using a front business in Garden Grove. This is over $300,000 in cash, they froze bank account's tied to the business. And all total so far $490,000 relating to E. D D fought. Spitzer says The others were charged in separate schemes to help prisoners file tens of thousands of dollars worth of fake claims. He says taxpayers were scammed because the state didn't provide enough checks and balances. The voting machine company named and Claims of Election fraud is suing President Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, for more than a billion dollars for defamation. Dominion lawyer, Tom Claire says Giuliani did not raise the fraud allegations in court because he knew they were false. He made them on television and online where they would do maximum damage. The Dominion but face minimal scrutiny. Dominion has also sued Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell for over a billion dollars and a tiger never changes its stripes. And apparently, it doesn't stop asking for a pardon, either. Since Tiger King Joe Exotic didn't get a pardon from former president Trump. He's hoping to get one from President Biden. The Tiger King is real name is Joseph Maldonado Passage was convicted for his role in the murder for hire plot that targeted his big cat Zoo rival, Carole Baskin, from the Netflix series, Tiger King. TMZ gotta hold the emails where Joe Exotic says he believes the Biden Harris administration can help reform the criminal justice system. The Tiger King says he believed in President Trump until January 6th following the riot at the Capitol, Jennifer Jones Lee Ko Phi news crash.

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