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Is Just incredible it really is when you when you go back. And you're talking about such a long period of time that no other shortstop and a half four extra base hits in a game but you did it and obviously the pirates are struggling. You know out of it for this season but let me ask you about you. Have to start and the difference in baseball. You have to keep making adjustments from your first year when you bet it three away and then the next couple years. How have teams pitch you differently. Have you seen that. And then is it up to you to make an adjustment. Yeah you know. It's it's it's a game of adjustments You know first year coming in and having that success and then with all the data analytics that are out there now. it's really like a cat and mouse game You know they have the ability to see you. Know where and what pitches you hit. Well and wearing what pitches you don't Obviously we're gonna do everything they can exploit those weaknesses and you know. That's where the adjustments come in So it's really it's never Not changing you're constantly You know adjusting. Your sites focuses your approach Because if you don't you know they'll they'll they'll figure out what what gets you out and And that's part of it is it. Frustrating was just a learning process because you bet at three o eight. Your breakout year couple years ago. And then you're averages around two twenty five twenty six since then is frustrating or is it just a learning process or do you take it on as a challenge all three honestly You know it's You know baseball. Game of failure and You know so so being able to you know in crime through and You know get through those slumps It's it's all three of the things you just said so You know you just take a day by day and Continue to show up to the field. You know p- wanting to get better Wanting to compete wanting to face the best in the world and making those adjustments. And that's kind of how you you take day by day guest here on inside. The parker is pittsburgh pie with shortstop. Kevin newman and kevin a boarded up a little bit ago about the pirates. And you know it's been a rough year. How do you prepare yourself your major league player you in the big leagues got a job to do and even if your team is out of it. Is it harder to play or it's not harder to play because you have job to do and you just come out and play every day. Every day is is the same approach. And how you know you go out there Winding it better. You go out there. You know competing. Jesse possibly can 'cause nobody likes to get out. Nobody likes to lose so You know unfortunately you know where we're at record you know. That's that's not where we wanna be but It's a reality situation and So showing every single day and You know getting you're working in Bring your best self to the field and you know collectively trying to get wins Every night regardless of of our record. That's that's kind of mentality force. You're a young guy. Field of dreams came out before you were born. Did you ever see field of dreams. The movie i did not but actually funny after that game we my wife and i looked like we have to watch that soon. So it's definitely on the list. Now let me ask you about the event. I don't know if you're playing when it went on. Or did you see the highlights or what you saw the field of dreams kev. I thought it was absolutely spectacular and gave me goosebumps to watch it. What was your did you get to watch. Where you playing did you watch the highlights. And what was your reaction to the field of dreams game where we were able to watch it And you know it was. It was really cool in the game. Itself I think made it. Just just an awesome. Awesome thing to watch You know that you're going back and forth between those teams and You know obviously ending in. Walk off and I thought it was just one of the baseball games. I've seen On top of that. I think it was pretty cool. You know just put the backdrop and everything behind the game and I think it was a great event really was yet. They really did a good job. And then the other part two was only eight thousand seats so the intimacy of it right like usually in a big stadium to play for an eight thousand people. I think is pretty exciting as well. Yeah definitely really cool really cool. You know to to to be able to those people that did get to go that game. I think that's an experience that you'll have forever and share with those that Set weren't able to make it but that's you know it seemed like a really awesome it less than cav a as a baseball player. I mean he watch all the players. You play against You see him on the highlights and you know people try to talk about. Who are the best player. Who's the best player in the league right now and there's a lot of really good players and either you could tell me who you think. The best is or who you like watching or whatever aside from your teammates and you is it shohei otani. Is it fernando tat tease. Junior is of vlad guerrero junior when you look around baseball. Who's the best player. Who's the most exciting player to watch. You know it's funny. I just started asking that question. I started thinking about it. And those are the three guys that actually came to mind so You know i yeah. I think that. I think that any time You know you get to see those guys play. It's fun I haven't played against showtime. I haven't played against Vlad played against teeth and He's new special man. It's it's it's pretty incredible to watch into play against But yeah those guys bringing segment to the game and it's really good for no doubt. Hey cav continued success for the rest of the season. Appreciate you joining us. Here on the podcast. Thanks for having me appreciate fox. Sports radio has the best sports. Talk lineup in the nation again. Catch all of our shows at fox. 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