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Checking the top stories we're following this hour, the candidates in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race faced off last night in their only debate. The outcome of that race could determine control of the U.S. Senate, Democrat John fetterman, who suffered a stroke 5 months ago, told voters he is capable of doing the job. Republican doctor mehmed ah has accused betterment of being soft on crime. Marilyn governor Larry Hogan criticizing a change by the general services administration on how it'll judge three potential sites to in Maryland and one in Virginia that are competing for a new FBI headquarter building. Proximity to existing FBI facilities in Northern Virginia is now getting more weight than other criteria. The fairfax board of supervisors formally opposing governor Glenn youngkin's proposed policies for transgender students in schools. The board voted to send a letter to the State Department of Education, claiming that those policies are discriminatory. Today is the final day for public comment on those policies. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in minutes. In a bid to identify victims of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre. That city will continue exhuming bodies from a cemetery today. Some of the 19 bodies buried in the Oakland cemetery were reportedly victims of the massacre that took place in 1921, thousands of homes were burned and businesses looted in a district known as black Wall Street. Following a DNA analysis, those bodies will be reburied. Historians estimate between 75 and 300 were killed in the massacre. Today's excavation is part of a continuing investigation that started in 2020. Coming up in money news. 250 points. 30 year rates just topped the 7 handle. I'm Jeff clay. Ten 48. Time for traffic

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