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And I know you don't wanna wish your life. But you almost wish you you were in like the middle of October when the games really matter. Yeah, absolutely. But we'll break. I'm quite I, you know, everybody's different. I'm quite good that way because I can switch your whole right people don't understand. Say me all how can use. Oh, can you not be a okay of not watching? Not gaming? No, municipal. I can switch y'all. That can rely on, you know, memorizing stuff or watching snowflake. However, I'm I'm very good at switching off and getting away from. I don't need this sort myself. Right and a bath of soaker, you know, man, I really don't need to do that. So for me, it's quite easy for others. You know, slightly more difficult. Well, we're going to let you switch off right now because that's about it. Thanks so much, man. Well, I'm gonna go and listen to Stephen. I'll on Twitter. I know I couldn't believe is doing that as like, and that's not me. That's not me because I mad interested in something like it's kind like is this what I should be doing? And I don't know. I think there's too much football now. It's just too much fish giving foster mother ever come on here where where you've not mentioned Liverpool's because you get a big sites is won't maybe this year you plead it down. What we're about to break the world record transfer for Google caper. Right? We've bought in the mid field that were supposed to have needed in keta for being your where we've got Sakiri. So for example, if chamberlain's, oh, for year probably won't matter. We've probably got an upgrade there and we've got that front three again, so. So you're dead, right? You're absolutely right. I'm I'm nervous because if you go on Liverpool Twitter now and it wouldn't advise you to, that's all you surely where title contenders now I've heard this for twenty eight years twenty eight years since we last one and it's I don't want to jinx myself to be honest. Well, certainly not for the the, the lack of drying from the federal group at the moment seems seems to be backing Mestre clo- in and the financially the moment seems to be getting the bucking of the owners, which is great. And I, I don't know, but it could be another great story this year. I hope so. I don't know, but we'll ever pull the mind say, maybe one or two going head to head to be fortunate and put it this way. Fourth isn't going to be good enough anymore. Nope, absolutely. Good stuff, man, we'll catch up soon. Thanks, Greg. All right, boys, just. All right. Thanks to Craig who was just patiently patiently sitting by his phone and waiting for the wheel to spin and he got like I saw I saw Gianni Infantino name is also on this wheel his, he really just waiting. Yeah, we'd have to wait until I kind of hope that he up here. Nope. No, it lands on help a fan twenty eighteen twenty nineteen primarily season help. Ifan money. People have been requesting this. It is open once again. Well, it's not yet. We haven't come up with our list of questions we had. I've got to re explain it. Well, we should expand it to people. So what we do is we come up with a very scientific list of questions which it's almost like a Rochard test for what Premier League club you should support. Andrew makes up these amazing questions. They're deeply deeply psychological. And from that we deduce when you answer it who you should support the primarily. And usually what we do is we posted on Twitter and questions will be posted..

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