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The start of the fourth quarter cost you thank you denver basketball here off of the time out we'll barton how's it left side lyles entry pass the mid poster yokoi look it starts backing down capello sprints overs left shoulder hook shot as all the way that one is up logo would try to tip is omiss couldn't get it loose ball back the yokich puts a backup just stick it twentythree three lead here for the houston rockets at the midcourt circle is chris paul calls got to all points the gave already paul peels onto the right side pick and pop with the result in a three that once we are six of 10 from downtown the nuggets were one for fourteen from the threepoint lord lyles has a behind the 3point line hands at auschwitz fake to hand back lyles dribble to head off the barton barton backs up behind the 3point line drills left side over the want your white back over the barton barton picked up there by pj tucker yet to pick for mielke chase which the pick and roll barton for three us that once no good denver one team tiptop it in by yokich linney comes down on his ankle he looks to be in severe amount of pain all this can't be happening i mean he is grabbing that right ankle it must have twisted autumn it want you immediately fouls pj tucker so the nuggets can go a attend to yokich will wait for a replay here and see what happened i mean he would down fast think it's the classic case of women on someone's for them no he did not denver calls a.

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