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I'm Richard can to President Trump catching heat for declaring that 99% of Corona virus cases are totally harmless his words most public health experts disagree. White House Chief of staff Mark Meadows says name names. I'm not sure which public health experts that you're talking about. I probably get to review more numbers. More numbers. And when you look at the facts when you look at really what we're we're dealing with AA. Lot of these cases are asymptomatic, declaring the president has surrendered. DeKoven 19 Joe Biden accused Mr Trump of outright lying to the nation about the pandemic. With cases of cove in 19 rising in much of the country, the president decided to start sniping at NASCAR's only full time black driver, President Trump Tweeting and asking if NASCAR driver bubble Wallace apologized after the FBI concluded that a noose hanging in his car stall was not a hate crime directed at him. Wallace responding now on Twitter, saying, Quote, always deal with hate being thrown at you with love, even when it's hate from the president of the United States. Wallace ending the Tweet with love, Win a B C's Andy feel Old Ah, three Judge Federal appeals panel in San Francisco upheld a lower court order blocking the administration policy of denying asylum to anyone who passes through another country without first seeking protection. They're the Supreme Court dealt a setback to the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The justices keeping in place a lower court ruling that blocked the key permit for the project. Work on the pipeline had finally begun this year. Major League Baseball unveiled its abbreviated 60 games scheduled for this season. Major League Baseball's plan is to get started with opening night on Thursday, July 23rd with the Washington Nationals hosting the New York Yankees and then the Dodgers welcoming the San Francisco Giants. But it will be an empty ballparks, and it will come as Maura players test positive for the virus, so it's still unknown. If this season will really get going his plan a B C's Alex Stone, you're listening to ABC News. It's Alito. Police Chief George Crawl says that Officer DEA was wearing a bullet per vest. But the round went into a part where there was no coverage. You know, they go over your head and they wrap around and there's a little bit of vulnerability and the under I'm area and that's That's where the round hit officer DEA was fatally shot early on Saturday morning, allegedly by an intoxicated man who later took his own life. Chief Girl says that Officer DEA was trying to help the man get home. UT Savage Arena will host the memorial service for DEA on Tuesday morning. Oh, I was extending unemployment benefits amid the pandemic, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services announcing today an additional 20 weeks of unemployment benefits will be made to those who are eligible and have exhausted the minimum 26 weeks of regular unemployment benefits and 13 weeks of pandemic. Emergency unemployment compensation officials say the benefits were able to be extended due to the number of people receiving unemployment benefits during the pandemic. I'm Sean Gallagher West Nile virus has been detected in mosquitoes in Clark County officials are saying that the Bugs have been found in the park lane area to avoid getting the virus. People are being asked to wear long sleeves and pants went in that area where they could be exposed to the virus. The illness can lead to brain inflammation or severe fever. The memorial has decided to host the 2020 tournament without fans on site. The decision has come after the rapidly changing dynamics of the covert 19 pandemic. The tournament is still scheduled for July 14 through the 19th in Dublin, and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says that the tournament did make the right decision by putting the health and safety of players. And fans first and the Toledo City Council's going to consider a citywide mask ordinance this week. A spokesperson for the city would not give details, but council members will reportedly vote on the ordinance this Tuesday. I'm Sara Lee's.

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