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Program and it's incredibly important mitch. Mcconnell's office called schumer's people today told them. Mcconnell would not consent to reconvene immediately under the two thousand four emergency authorization. Senate won't be the senate will not have a trial before january nineteenth. I just want to tell you what is happening Look we need to pause and recognize. that democrats are fast-tracking narrative to lay groundwork to eliminate dissenting voices and install a one party state There is wave legislation in the pipeline. That will systemically. Change the fabric of our nation. That was sent to me by a friend of mine. And i think that's exactly right. So lauren bogert is under fire for what exactly. Allegedly everyone is saying in congress from the democrat side of the aisle that the freshman congressman from colorado lauren. Bogaerts should be expelled from congress simply because she dared to tweet. this is seventeen. Seventy six or today's seventeen seventy six last wednesday before the debate happened in the united states house of representatives. I find this interesting because people must not understand the historical significance of seventeen. Seventy six is violent. Insurrection against the government that was simply the year. The declaration of independence was redirect and ratified. So i find that very interesting well and and we sell. That is a federal holiday. It is so we commemorate and celebrate something that happened in that year and some people might hijack the meaning of seventeen seventy six but what do we. What do we mean by that when we say well. We need it that that historical turning point no pun intended Was when people decided to make the peaceful step hopefully the peaceful separation against the monarchy. Now what happened after. It was obviously not peaceful mostly because britain declared war on us. Now around if you read the declaration of independence it is not a declaration of war at says very clearly that they wanted to solve ties That king george was not the supreme or superior force Over the you know the the citizens of the colonies instead Is mentioned four times in the declaration of independence and it says very clearly that they want to be that wanted to be basically live under the laws of nature and nature's god and so what you're going to start to see this misrepresentation of history trying to say that anyone who uses seventeen seventy six in any form whatsoever must be talking about something violent. That is not true at all whatsoever. And if that was the case then all of the democrats commentators over the summer that were praising the mobs calling like don lemond back cut six when he said our country was started because the boston tea party riding. Let's go back to cut six. So if they were to attack. Lauren beaubourg on it. Why aren't they attacking don lemon for.

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