Nashville, Grapevine Police, Donald Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Dennis. The Christmas explosion in downtown Nashville is the focus of a major investigation by local police and the FBI. They're looking for the culprit after three people were injured. Several buildings damaged and possible human remains were found. Nashville police officers responding to a shots fired call discovered an RV blaring an ominous message they encountered an RV. That had a recording, saying that a potential bomb would detonate within 15 minutes. Nashville police Chief John Drinks at the officer's evacuated nearby buildings and called for the bomb squad when the RV exploded. One officer was knocked to the ground in adjacent buildings were scarred black police said. They're confident there is no lingering threat. Bomb sniffing dogs were sweeping downtown Nashville. Aaron Carter Ski ABC News a scare at a hotel in Grapevine, Texas, outside Dallas. Police responding to reports of threats at that hotel. Man saying he would shoot the place up. We had multiple callers from different areas, saying they heard the same thing and gave the same description. So based on that credibility, we're doing everything we can to make sure of one. Stay safe. Grapevine police spokesperson Amanda McNew authorities conducting a room by room search at the Great Wolf Lodge and evacuating guests. So far, no reports of injuries or shots fired and no suspect has been found. Signed the deal. That's what a group of lawmakers is urging President Trump to do over a $900 billion covert 19 relief bill sent to him by Congress. The bipartisan group of lawmakers who helped craft the covert relief deal is pleading with President Trump to give the bill his signature, they say..

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