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C. B. S. news Tustin California handsome P. futures are up five points time around up eight past the hour that brings us to traffic and weather together on a Friday morning here WCBS we'll see how it's going with Tom can interpret it really hasn't been that bad about some river crossings getting a look at the inbound side of the lake and just about the ten to fifteen minute mark the inbound Holland at about ten minutes or so and most of that coming for the covered roadway in Jersey city you get to the traffic lights so not all that bad we've had delays at the inbound GWB really not much of a delay at all everybody rolling right on up through the tolls Rockland Westchester we're good there southbound freeway getting to an across the Tappan Zee bridge Connecticut turnpike just a little bit slow southbound as you get now from Fairfield on down for Norwalk seeing some delays now when for Stanford Merritt parkway a little bit slow for New Canaan but that's about it really not bad on the yellow light you northern or southern state west bound in toward the queen's line we do have some volume in queens on the L. I. E. westbound in for the fairgrounds right in for queens Boulevard and some eastbound delays to getting out from about the area of utopia parkway in into Nassau County northern state also starting to build these found I just past the queen's line garden state parkway south bound some delays at one forty five a collision there cleared and northbound side so slow from union up for one forty five had an earlier stall there is well line Tom Kaminski with the new Subaru was sent ground patrol Tom can you please tell Paul to stop talking I mean what what am I doing what he's giving away these these spoilers for the handmaid's tale ideas as to what I'm always the first to watch him when they lost his hot breath is heating up the room.

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