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I don't like the word arbitraging either dude. I think you're missing the point here. He basically just wrote in this article. We're violating federal law as should be arrested yeah. That's eight does kind of sound that way at the very least the issue has not gone away which is is ironic considering. Many of the same banks that are closing accounts are inching their way into the industry including t._d. Ameritrade fidelity sentator chase and others i what yes but they're inching their way into the industry through client base. It's all about k._y._c. to them you know and if i was to open a crypto currency selling business in exchange for all intents and purposes that actually did k._y._c. and all of that they would probably not shut down the account probably not but that would be because i would have all of that information to turn over to the federal government not that i would turn that information over in fact once on september the fourth when i begin accepting zell payments again i will be storing the information for a matter of time in case i need to present it to the banks but it's going to be on my encrypted laptop <hes> inaccessible to anyone but me and it will never be turned over to anyone other than the bank and that's only that's only to protect myself. I guess fraud because i am out a scary amount of money over the last forty forty five days as a result of people defrauding me so i've got to protect myself against that and it's not foolproof. You know there are still people who because you can get their. I d you can get a selfie with their. I d in it proving his them them along with a handwritten note saying i name and buying x. amount of bitcoin cash for why amount of u._s._d. You can have all of that right there and it still won't matter in a lot of cases you may win the dispute in that particular scenario but the bank is still going to shut your account down for fraud and maybe not for fraud for buying selling crypto currencies for for putting them through the trouble of having the process a dispute food yeah at the very least i said that many banks still don't have an official policy on the books. We're trying to get that though which is why i will be opening up one particular particular account here in cheshire county because the president of the bank is at least receptive to the idea idea of having someone with an account there who is buying selling crypto currency yeah. That's good to hear so. I want to put that into practice and see whether or not it's true. We know the <hes> the cheshire county credit union which was recently purchased by jeff is hostile to cryptocurrency but there's still a great big question mark over one one of them and i think it's the same bank where a friend of mine has a sister in law. Who is the bank manager her so. I will probably be in pretty good shape. If i go there and i will be going there but i can't go there until september the fourth so i i wanna be on free. Talk live this coming monday tuesday. I was actually going to be we were discussing it last night and doing a free talk live because it hasn't been done in a while and he that'd be done in mississippi. Yeah ian goes. We can do next tuesday if you'd like. I mean there's nothing wrong with. You know doing it on tuesday night. I was like that's true. It used to be a random thing but then it became like every a friday and it became the same people that i think is probably more interesting to have different people doing for your talk lie but it's not my thing i'm just speculating but i will be in mississippi on september these seconds and september the third funnily enough. I did not realize when i bought the tickets that it was labor day yes labor day weekend which probably caused my tickets to be a little bit more expensive than they had to be and which also means that i'm going to get down there on that monday and find it. The d._m._v. is closed yeah. They're not open on labor day no so i will have to wake up early tuesday morning in order to go to the d._m._v..

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