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The first. to the condo beauty AM radio eleven hundred remember his first game since August twenty fourth added a three run shot in his second at bat in the third inning any of like the white Sox eleven not the Indian state I have ke behind the rays who wanted twelve against the Yankees demand choice walked off with a home run Tampa Bay I have seen behind the eighties for the AL wild card spot eighties in Anaheim moves into the angels rated two Rovers continue to win beat the Reds in Cincinnati in the series opener Milwaukee's one five in a row sixteen into and their last eighteen pubs five errors in losing their seventh in a row Irish scored seven runs in the seventh inning to beat the cubs night to ESPN's Josina Anderson reporting on Tuesday Kaelin Ramsey expected to be at the Jaguars facility on Wednesday eagles expect have Alshon Jeffery and Dallas Goddard in a line up against the Packers on Thursday night to shar Jackson expected to miss his second straight game according to ESPN's Adam Rittenberg U. S. C. quarterback even slow as as not been medically cleared to practice. pelicans fans feel great they got signed their set for decades. remember colspan spelled the same way about love. that more wins that will change your week day three on ESPN radio ESPN at. my goal we are all about. first. and live. ESPN radio that on the E. S. P. N...

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