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Pushing gossip and romer and all the rest gossiping room on all the rest but you're going to charge the prime minister with favoring one newspaper over another supporting one newspaper and denouncing another that's a bribe in the countries at a bribe it is ludicrous you know by now you've really gotta peel the onion to see what's going on before you buy with the media say i don't care if it's in america or in israel a left wing media media these are goons what they know they are they won't admit they know they are just as the media in this country and the democrats were involved in a sign with kuwait against our president and you know they're while they are there'd every single day and then when you call it on other waas what do you mean what are you not occur tomorrow and then hey 25th amendment hey impeachment hayes deranged hayes mentally ill hayes obstreqted justice has come under what the russians hey you're trying to coup d'etat while he had not parts were not same thing goes on in israel he smoke cigars really and who billionaire millionaire gave him cigars he had wine he had some he did want oh my lord we've never seen anything like this he favorite one newspaper that favorite him against one newspaper the didn't him oh my lord that's up i too must be because our police say so when a grotesque miscarriage of justice i'll be right back.

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