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Honestly when we went on our first date so I was the first one on one day and the very first time we started talking. I didn't even think about it as that experience anymore. It was like she. I connected so quickly as even just like a friendship level so we had a really unique experience where I guess a Lotta Times on dates you meet them at the date spot you hang out for a couple hours you get shipped to the next state spot. Meet them again for a couple of hours. Kiss good night. She came and picked me up. I drove the two of us. In a Tesla to an airport. We got on a plane together. Flew to the location took a limo together to the location and then had our first full day day and wasn't after that to be put into two separate cars to go freshen up on stuff at a separate location. We're with together with each other for pry eight hours. I WANNA say before. We separated for the first time And then we're together again. Reprise another like four hours on a say we all day that. I end the whole time here together. We never stop talking. That's amazing constant constant communication so much. Last there're a lot of fun we just I mean. I felt like I was really good friends with her immediately. And so I never really thought like a front runner. It was more like I really enjoy this person's company and I think we have a really good thing going. The Prom started from me when all of a sudden it was eight weeks before I had a date with her again. Ooh Yeah I was GONNA say an eight hour. First Day could be very intimidating. If you don't have a natural flow in conversation a hundred to a twenty minute date with I mean I've gone days earlier. You just sit there surging herself to say and there was never a gap in conversation that entire time will also took you eight weeks then Dab that next day A Peter Rhythm back it. Have you kind of pick it up where you're at with the the gap between the first day in second day leading up to then obviously the end of the show and to your life now? Hey we'll be back with Peter Krause on the indepth episode of almost famous five. I love massages. I've said it before. The podcast I would let any person or thing touch me. I love it. It might not be the best massage. Earn the world. I just love the feeling and I'm so excited for this next sponsor. I can't have you in. My home. Is Me all the time? Plus it might be a little weird. You know here both. And after three years of this Ashley I feel like we're there. I feel like Jessica engineered wonder sandwich. Like yeah they get well. Hey the stress of they life ways on all of us. Whether you're an elite athlete or person trying to get through the day muscle pain and muscle. Tension is a real thing. That's why I use their gun. The handheld percussive therapy device that releases your muscle tension using a scientifically calibrated combination of depth speed and power. In fact my fiance just brother plays professional baseball. And one of the only things he brought back from Florida spring training with him to the House that we're in right now is there again. I'm really excited to use it. After getting off airplanes because after going off airplanes my thighs are like always so tight on the sides. I'm I'm a big golfer and golf is really hard on the hip flexor is and I know before every round if I can get their gun inside my hip flexes. I am going to drop well. I can't promise this but I'm GonNa tell myself that I'm going to drop a couple.

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