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The first. This is really melancholy, but on the other hand, I also see maybe as a hopeful song, it's like well, these things are going wrong in my life, but I have ten thousand reasons to stay alive or to be alive rather than I'm GonNa make it difficult for you to give me reasons to stay alive appointees. Thousand covers the whole gamut of personal emotions joy. Maybe some little resignation to out net melancholy is that you as Charles Jenkins Songwriter. This is what I do. I'm writing a story here or is that you reflecting some part of yourself? It's a little bit more basic than that. Sorry work with what was what was happening was was flying down to to teach songwriting are was kind of flying fly out for about six years down a Sunday afternoon and I teach all day Monday all day Tuesday economic Tuesday night and I had the success accommodation just around the corner from the uni literally victimes or this old college, the sequels and holes in. It was freezing and anyway so I would get to the cottage drop-off my bag walk around the corner to the Union pick up an acoustic child. I had put aside a walkout, bring it back to the cordage and seeing really loud because I couldn't do that in mill in a flat in Norman and you can get people pissing upstairs. As what happens in flat? So I didn't realize slicks mysolar writing processes upon the entire walk is sometimes you're writing a song. Let people do basically occupied thing over and over and over and over until to. Get there. So here I am in Hoban and I'm not worried about the neighbors. So I wouldn't just Singley really loud bets with him but came about I could sing everybody got the I could seem really loud same with I'm a white via Dan I could sing that really loud same with expensive. Thank you. Song Look I think a lot of them were written after the operation on know the on look I think the one that stems most from the operation is. General Wear and tear Canada happier. Remond, and win the Sun comes..

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