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But this tool, this is giving us information in terms of the past three seasons. How players play in the cold? How players play in the snow? If there's win over fifteen miles an hour, if they're playing in the first effort, second half of game kind of field of the plan on grass or turf. If there have a history plan against head coaches, we're going to get really granular in our week to week data. We're going to be able to get back that information to everyone in the private group message. We're excited to announce that as well. Yeah, it's of cool. When you go in there as like, you don't really know where to begin. There's so many different options. It's like, what do I what I, what I look for, which is why once the season starts will have a better idea of what we wanna look for based on matchups players, etcetera. But going into it earlier today, you know, you have, you can sort by any position. You can go over the last three seasons, five seasons, ten seasons, all these different types of splits home road, cold weather, indoor's. It's crazy. There's a lot of things you. Can do with it. So it's going to be as going to be cool to see, you know what we're able to do with how we're gonna, be able to use it to our advantage, the season. Now, let me do. My opening question that I was love to start with. This is a Twitter poll that I put out earlier this week, and I was just really curious to see what the feedback would be because it just kind of dawned on me that there's a player to Recode win, kind of sitting in the middle of the of the draft early middle of around six eighty p typically and PR leagues of course. And the question was simple. I'm going to ask you, you're gonna give me your feedback than a let you know what our audience, what their thoughts were. Would you say to recoup game usage, impure game usage is going to be more similar to Dion Lewis or James white. James, why. Okay, I agree. And so does everyone else agree? So here's the weird part. If everyone else agrees on Twitter with following us that participated in this poll, I agree. You agree then why is Tariq recall nearly the ADP of Dion Lewis Lewis? Last time we talked was around five eighty p three Cohen, six James white now just had a preseason game. It was eighty. P might be going up a little bit, but last time that we did the draft series, his ADP was thirteen. I feel like there's this is something that just doesn't make sense. This is one of those scenarios that just doesn't make sense. Yeah. I mean, I think it's close. Dan Lewis had via games. Last season was over, fifteen carries with fifteen or more carries, and he's kind of a workhorse. Torri Cohen is I think a lot closer James white and I have no idea why his eighty. His ADP is where it is, especially, he's not. He's on this isn't this isn't the New England, Patriots Chicago Bears. So even if you think their offense is gonna improve with Matt Nagy with Mr. Bisky entering his second season in the added some pieces at tight end and Allen Robinson and such their offense improves even if it improves, that's those are pretty lofty expectations for Trico and given his small sample size and what type of player he's proven to be. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you could even make the argument that he should be even at the very least closer to Johnson's ADP me. He kinda compares a little bit to him in terms of very minimal carries, and obviously a big contributor in the passing game. Agreed. Well, that was one interesting thought I had. I know there's a lot more out there that just kind of you look at the usage where they're going ADP wise and just for some reason just doesn't make sense in. He's one of those players to recall win all Beit rookie. Last year, new system. I want to do more information on him, but from what it looks like right now, it just seems like you can get a fairly similar person slash production at a much later around. And set that's going to bring us before we get into our stats. That's going to bring us to our episode sponsor today. And we're glad a static to be actually sponsored by fan duel themselves..

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