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It least do Rockstar or I won't Sadea. That's. Yes, that's true I'll. I'll try and suggest that next time she's the. She's the dominant one, but I'll try. y'All say a before. She puts the gag in my mouth, but. Anyway guys welcome to a comedy advice podcast. We are here chatting it up with the one the only Brad Williams. Yes, please applaud Hulu late, be naked. However, you WANNA celebrate. Yeah, it's it's awesome to have you by the way this is. Stephan speaking we've also got our co host Arabic, say Hello Eric. Any. Awesome and then Anthony Eye Eric introducing. OUTY! You don't see. I can gallon hat. You can say hi. You could say be good, said you know because he gets. Stephanie gives me Shit no matter what as though. Well well, at least we can see eric. We've also got Stephan my brother. That was a weird way. Your brother also named stuff. Already come in with Shaq. We've got anthony who doesn't have a video. He's there okay? We don't have to worry about him. Anyway Brad, thank you so much for joining for for audience members. That might not know who you are. Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself? I am a porn star with the largest Dick in the world. That, it's a problem, isn't it? It's a burden. Drags on the ground now. I may stand up comedian. And I've got a couple specials on. On a showtime, which are now streaming on on a prime flex that degenerates I was once handcuffed oriented Guerande for a week as a true story. What's We. Did her NICKELODEON TV show called Salmon? Cat and they did this weird like the kids version of the hangover. Where where where she drinks this mystic, a Asian tonic to help her study then she just wakes up and. I'm handcuffed to her and she doesn't know how I got there, and but it's. I play a a foreign person. Who would we never say where I'm from what language I'm speaking because I made up the language. It's all GIBBERISH Wow, so yeah, that's that yeah. I got to be on salmon cat, so it's always weird when I have. Aired on Nickelodeon like eight years ago, so it's very strange when I have friends that go like. Immense Oem cat and I'm like you don't have kids. Why are why are you? Use go down, Grandes IMDB and just like say I'm GonNa do everything. I don't get it I've. I've got nothing to do I'm quarantined. I'm just going down the whole catalog Arianna Guerande. Buffet like like. If you showed up, you know I. It's like when you hear that Porn Stars. They started doing born than like their. Uncle Calls Day I. Know You're doing born. You're well uncle. now I know what you're. because. Main like. Especially is. Like us, all you doing Blow Bang? It's like Oh. On. God I think that my parents might be one of the very few that haven't looked porn. And maybe just me convincing muscle. Ernest the real dirty shit, they're. Real. I'm not worried about the guy. Yeah, watch more.

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