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Newsrooms been covering the funeral Senator Lugar Lugar downtown today, several dignitaries speaking at the Senator Lugar's funeral today. Yeah. Actually up in the north side at the St Louis United Methodist Church he lay in state yesterday at the state house, and drew Sarah, Indiana, dignitaries, the Washington folks joined them for the funeral today. Chief Justice John Roberts was in attendance majority leader, Mitch McConnell, spoke vice president Pence came home, Indiana and spoke of it was quite an honor roll packed gallery. And what was the essence of what people were saying about the Senator all celebrate, Tori? In trying to write this up for over WBZ dot com. Common for the station. It's striking to try and compress. It took them two and a half hours to to pay tribute to all aspects of Richard Lugar's life. This is a man who is in public service for fifty years. You know, he was in the Senate for thirty six years, but he was mayor, of course, for two terms before that he was on the Indianapolis school board before that Jim Morrison of the vice president of the sports entertainment, former head of the World Food Program former chief of staff to Richard Lugar, and he pointed out world hunger was something that he picked up from dick Luger going back to that first school board race of his dick Luger who fought to get to actually accept federal money for the school lunch program. I s at the time didn't want to do it. And it was in the continued through his career in the Senate. Eric Berman from the WBZ newsroom joining us covering the funeral of the late Senator, Richard Lugar. I heard a little bit of Mitch Daniels. Speaking earlier at the funeral and of all the speakers today, and there are quite a few speakers sh-, certainly nobody that's a stranger to a microphone Mitch Daniels. Seemed like he was having the hardest time out of anybody. Did you catch that feeling? There were a lot of people thought revving hard to Mitch Daniels. Definitely among them. Jim Morrison had some trouble getting through a couple of times. Of course, Senator Lugar's four sons all spoke, and and they as you would expect teared up quite a bit. But yeah, it was very emotional for Mitch Daniels. Remember, this is Mitch Daniels. First job in government. I think is first job out of law school was working for then mayor Richard Lugar Feldman to Washington on his staff in the Senate. And then from there to President Reagan staff, and the governor said, of course, it was very emotional for him. And you know, when we talk about all the different aspects of Senator Lugar's life that were celebrating we talk about the foreign policy. We talk about hunger. The other said that you didn't government a lot of what Mitch Daniels talked about was Richard Lugar, the per. He said that the he found the word purity in reference, Richard Lugar was the running you know, that that describes the highest possible caliber of character. He said that these everyone who ever worked with Richard Lugar is a better person just rubbing up against his example. I kept hearing the word statesman be used over and over again statesman was like the catchphrase I can't pairing. Yes statesman is a worthy got used a lot. When when he was still in the Senate, the there those called the last of the statesman of the Senate there have been other contenders for that role. But one of the few people that that term is applied to it was striking not just Mitch Daniels. But many of the speakers Mitch McConnell as well. Talking about Richard Lugar's integrity. How he he didn't have a mean bone and his body was honest to the core. It was something that everyone kept coming back to his assistant essential part of who he was and with made him who he was. So so politically speaking, what's the? The single biggest legacy Senator Lugar leaves behind as mayor of Indianapolis, and then on a national or even global level Senator I think there's no question that on a global level. The can't do much better than denuclearizing three entire nations and taking two hundred and fifty tons of nuclear material out of service the world is a safer place because of Richard Lugar, and Sam Nunn who also spoke at the funeral. The the nunn-lugar act was just a remarkable achievement. That helped bring the Cold War to a to a soft landing. But it was pointed out at the funeral his impact on Indianapolis while it's not on the level of saving billions from nuclear war is pretty significant in the life of the city. Dick Luger created unity of which transformed Indianapolis from as I think Jim Morrison the thirtieth largest city to the ninth largest city at the time. We slipped back a little bit since then, but it's generally credited with keeping the city vital. If. If set the stage for all the development that's valid since it was dick Luger who built Market Square Arena. It was dick Luger who spearheaded UPI, which didn't exist until he was in city hall is impact on the city is just enormous. You can read more about the legacy of Richard Lugar, the service that took place today, WIBC dot com. Eric Berman from the newsroom, Eric, thank you. Because there's all this big knives. There was an announcement earlier today AT and T this putting one hundred eighty four thousand dollars into indie for the fight against violent crime. They're launching this believe indie initiative and a hundred and eighty four thousand dollars is going to go to a couple of different organizations here in Indianapolis. One of them is the one congressional one precinct program, and if I'm understanding this correctly, this is all aimed at having religious congregations partner with the police and some of these high crime areas similar to what? Reverend Harrison's doing with ten point coalition and trying to make some of these high violent areas a little bit better. This is Reverend Marquel? Hutchins of the movement forward group based out of Georgia. And he's telling us why he thinks this program is going to be beneficial to Indianapolis what we are trying to do with the wind cop initiative empower every congregation in.

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