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But it wasn't frozen because I went enough time to get the blood completely frozen different category of other coaches who have been there for one year. And then let lane kiffin, Tennessee. Jeff prom had a chance to leave Purdue. And those those guys are different because they were there longer. Jeff Brown chose to stay at Purdue lane kiffin bugged out for his dream job at USC after only one year, and the problem there is that you have time to develop those relationships with those players with the community. Now you develop that relationship. And you leave is different from. Okay. Who's the new guy? He looks pretty good. Wait, where do you go? What happened to temple? So it's cold blooded. But this is a dream job for Manny Diaz, and I don't think at the end of it all when the emotion has gone anybody at temple will begrudge him that what about the job? He might be able to do it Miami. Not you know, them, really. Well, he's a defensive guy that wasn't the problem with the canes. It was on the offense of side of the football. I'm what you cut her. I think he's a great hire for the U because remember the turnover chain that phenomenon it arose over the last two years because of the defense because of Manny Diaz he's young he's hungry. He has energy. He's a little quirky. But you learn to love him. I think he's going to be exactly what Miami needs. They're going to be tough on defense. They're going to be mentally and physically tough. But they're also going to be incredibly intelligent, the biggest thing ES taught me when I was playing the senior was how to play what they high football IQ. And that's what the you need right now. He made the statement that he wants his offense to be cutting edge. He fired the entire staff to start over cutting edges Oklahoma, Alabama. Great offense of line fast receivers and quarterbacks who are good with their feet as they are with their arm in the pocket. We shall see many the new men down there in Coral Gables and see if you can turn the case back into national Powell was really starving for it down. They're not the least of which our friend Jonathan Vilma Trevor Lawrence. He's the strong silent type, but we have Marty Smith Clemson to get to the bottom of who. Sunshine really is. In Alabama once again meeting for championship warts loss it up to the touchdown plex. Let's look at the end. There was a feeling of inevitability. These two giants with class again. Maybe the national championship Sunday on ESPN..

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