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Griffin at the Pentagon federal grand jury has indicted Venezuela's dictator Nicolas Maduro and several of his key aides accusing them of narco terrorism for conspiring with Colombian rebels to flood the U. S. with cocaine UFC light heavyweight champion Jon bones Jones arrested on suspicion of the W. why officers heard gunshots and found in a parked car with a handgun and a bottle of liquor early Thursday in Albuquerque New Mexico I'm Jack Callahan this is fox news W. C. B. M. Baltimore so corroborated the Saturday forecast coming in with some one if rainfall totals topped forecasts overnight low down to fifty degrees or some sprinkles Friday partly cloudy high temps in the upper sixties near seventy and steady heavy rain on Saturday with fifties shower Sunday warmer at seventy degrees and in early next week partly cloudy with high temps in the fifties and sixties Monday Tuesday when I kinda lose forty on the religious scholar report the weather channel on talk radio six eighty WCBS the W. C. B. M. studios are sponsored by safe retirement solutions in Annapolis in Towson call Rob Roy for ten to six six eleven twenty or visit safe retirement solutions dot com hi this is Sean Casey join me each and every Sunday morning at eight AM for the all new rescue helpline show where we'll talk about natural solutions to a wide range of health related issues Dr Jeffrey Shapiro will answer your questions on how the all natural supplements could benefit you.

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