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Yeah no that. That's what scares you about them. In in the playoffs right is is they. They haven't had a lot of consistency as you said they'd been the best team or they've been the one of the worst teams in the league and so you get into the playoffs You don't is not that they can't win. You just don't know what to expect from you. Can't it's hard to predict exactly what you're going to get from them. So i just think when when it comes to a team like the yankees I if their offense isn't doing what they needed to do it's going to be. It's going to be tough. It's going to be tough warm and I just don't know that they have the dependable. Starters that that you would need you know aside from from garrett cole In order to compete in a deep run in the postseason. Yeah and it's been. It's been a little worrisome about that team but they do have the top slot with seven to go one game above boss this this series coming up against toronto is is their chance to kind of put some separation between them and everybody else It's but at the same time for toronto. I think we find out who they are. This is one of the. This'll be one of the biggest series because they follow that with the baltimore orioles who they're baltimore so you you know what that that series is going to likely end up back but This is a big series for both teams. Oh for sure if toronto can win this series against the new york yankees. We are going to be sitting. We're going to have toronto in the playoffs. They are currently one game behind the boston. Red sox and by the way all you nineties fans out there the seattle mariners are two games out there till games out. I want it to happen so bad. Tony so so bad i want. I want to run on seattle to get these top two slots so bad just because it would be different and it would feel like a bit of the changing of the guard in baseball for me. And i do think i quite frankly i'd welcome it. I wouldn't be mad at liz. I always like enjoy seeing good teams. Get in. I have a personal connection. With the mayor's mad tie francis over there got traded from san diego to seattle and at the time it was like man. You're going from a really good team to a really bad team last year and a year later is it's that team is is ahead of where we're the padres are and still pushing for A playoff spot. And you know that team it would it would be. It would be cool to see. Both of them in the The toronto blue jays narrow. We'll give it a different feel for shore. Both squads are are really young Love love crawford over there at shortstop kind of coming into his own You got the grizzled veteran seger. In his last year on his deal over there it it makes for for gray storyline and people will tune in to watch. Yeah and i know i would. And and at the end of the day after that mock brawl. That took place last week. I am clamoring for a raise blue jays. Lds series so so very bad. I just wanna see it and listen. I'm really excited going into this last week. Like we mentioned this the fact that we have we. We got a separation of literally three games. That is separating five spots the two spots. That's just incredible between five teams. It's just this is where baseball is at. Its best and you better believe. My eyes are all over this new york yankees and blue jay series. I'm fired up. There's nothing else to say about it. Other than i'm fired up but i do. I did look at the rundown. And i want to mention something that our producer dylan put out there and this is what i love about this thing because you just i know. He didn't mean it this way but i read it as this guy is so mad that he's a mets fan because he just wrote down if you had to put a percentage of what chance he would give the blue jays to make a late push like one hundred percent there one game out man there one day right there that screams. I hate that. I'm a mets fan. It's one hundred percent does. It is not a surprise. We know our producer dylan puts wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his medicine as you said they have packed it in but yeah the the percentages is as you said. It's one hundred percent they will make late push does late push being get in. I don't know we'll find out. But i certainly think They got a good chance in here in. This is their opportunity this series against the yankees I think we'll tell us all we need to know about the blue jays in terms of. Are they ready to make that next. Big step yeah and all those people that are sitting around clamoring for vladi junior to be the mvp. Which by the way anyone who thinks that you're wrong. But i will say that person on that team. I'd actually say who has mixed just as much of a cases. Vladi is marcus simeon the year. Having right now. I mean you could say everything one about vladi. Simeon right now is about to set a new record for home runs by a second baseman major league baseball. It's been around for one hundred fifty years he's gonna break a record that's existed for one hundred fifty years. He's going to be the best ever at that. I mean that's just incredible to me that we actually are getting this. I mean talk about plan your best baseball when you need to. I mean the blue jays is needed him. He's going into free agency. There's just so much that lines up for him And as you know what has been fun to watch he. He's not your prototypical superstar like he discount goes about his business and plays the game and he seemingly has gotten better and better and better and right now. He's playing as well as he's played ever. I think in his career question for you. Tony going into the final week of baseball. What are you hoping for. What are you hoping to see. Breakout with this wildcard and more importantly what do you think is going to happen with. This wildcard oke. What i think will happen with the american league east wildcards specifically the american league. Wild-card what do you think is going to happen. And what do you want to happen because those could be very different. I would love to see some crazy fourteen. Tie at the top where you get like a one sixty three one sixty three And then you have to go into your wild car. You know that would i. It's your first wildcard game. I would love to see a large tie at the thing. What i think what happened. I ultimately think the yankees. And i think the blue jays get in. I think they find a way to get into this playoffs. I think ultimately they'll still in the season with baltimore. And i know anything can happen in baseball but as long as i think. They don't get swept by the yankees. I think they'll find a way to get in because of those last three games against baltimore. I like it and what you said when you said what you were hoping for tony. Have you been reading my diary because yes. That's exactly what i want. I want a four way tie. And i want the four way tie to be decided with a game. Six one sixty three into the wild card game my goodness it would just be the greatest thing that ever happened. However what i think is going to happen. Is i agree with you on the blue jays. I do think the blue jays are going to.

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