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Funds summer for me. I've eaten so much pizza and sausage parm. And all that good stuff. And how about you, man? What's your steady diet these days in lasagna? Just kind of in general. Sonya with a lot of sauce on it. Yeah. That's it. Not even really drinking water a whole lot. Just just lasagna. Just sonya. His dinner lasagna. Call for breakfast. I'll have a cold peace lasagna. You know, it's not like, I don't really like hot food that much for lunch. I'll probably have another cold honk of lasagna. You know, and then you title in with third honcker lasagna or two for dinner. I had an order of mozzarella sticks at the diner the day. But it did have like a healthy overtone because they laid it on that of lettuce, y'all. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The. But I didn't eat the lettuce. Of course. Not. But it felt it felt like I was doing something healthy though, because I saw the lettuce, and I was like man look at this. You know, anytime there's something green on the plea. It makes you feel better. You know? Right. Even if it's not good. Yeah. Just some on the plate, right? Or even if you don't need a lotta times like I'll have a big bowl of mashed potatoes. You know, and and you know, they'll be some they'll be some string beans in. There. Some broccoli with a little corn in it a little corn. And then you just kind of work around the colors and just go for the mashed potatoes. And you know, whatever as long as the healthy stuff. Is there for me? It's just it's a placebo thing. I feel like I'm doing something. Good. I love that. We definitely we treat our dogs better than we treat ourselves. And I think that's gonna be the the point of this show today because we have we have a really great guest coming on Rinaldo web from pet flea and men this guy has designed some super super designer healthy food for our dogs. I think I want to indulge in it. I might might take a few scoops. I wonder if they have lasagna. Maybe maybe come out with lasagna flavored who knows? You know, it just to make it easier on them if they just just cheese. Anything cheese? Really? Is it works for me? But yeah, that's definitely the the theme today. Today's show for sure none of that. Unhealthy stuff coming into our dogs lives. Okay. And that is the purpose of this show. We are going to be talking about this amazing food.

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