Shaikh, Spurrier, Cheshire discussed on CBS News 60 Minutes


I feel like everybody has a basic human decency. This is the has to be nurtured to to bring it out. And that's what happens to you in this program. If you let it. If you let it the greatest gift is when they tell me to my face. I'm not changing and then five months later be on their best behavior. You're in here for life. You could just sit there and say to heck with all this. So what are you getting out of this? Madam chair. I don't have to die. A waste. Guys, all the time. They give me purpose to live. Give me something to leave behind. For more than one hundred years. The rock has been a hard place, the true unit host to prove a softer touch can yield better results officer James Vassar convinced coach Dan Kane at presque isle to take a shot on a prison inmate guy. Cut to the basket. Now, Shaikh winn-dixies a big man on campus and the pride of the truth. His jersey hangs on the wall. A month after leaving. He was back at Cheshire, not as a repeat offender Spurrier,.

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