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Massive stuck spe has behind me. . I did a livestream. . An okay. . Yeah it was up. . It's been a long time. . I did it's been forever and I don't know I mean have you. . Ever actually like talked on the phone or anything, , no member we used to we used to chat online when I lived in La Yeah in two thousand twelve. . Both doing crazy fast. . sped moment on tall things. . Like. . That's absolutely right. . Bad. Yeah. . . That's it's such. . A funny period like doesn't that just seems like another lifetime now Eight dollars an. . Hour for. . In the music was fun at the time but. . I really believe what I do now is a bit more time less like I wouldn't go back and listen to. . Think, , high's music is a is a lot more a lot longer life span on. . Glad I ended up. . Doing nine basically. . Well Yeah we'll. . We'll talk about all of that for sure I mean I was just stoked to have you odd man. . Thank for doing this in the first place not someone. . Oh. . My God Tel Aviv and I mean, , how? ? How has your year been because I mean for you? ? You know I mean you just released the boiling point album, , which is I mean that's a big deal for any artist I. . Think for for what you've been doing. . That's kind of like a benchmark moment but then we're in this weird time in the world right? ? It was meant to be probably the best year and We had to cancel half the album to album was coming out at the end of March. . So we we come soda and but it's a funny one because it's a bit like it's a great time to release music as well as being a bad song because you can't really benefit off. . Getting, loads , of bookings off the back of your album when his notebook ins. . Much doing I'm actually doing a few things lately outdoor things. . Yeah it's not the same bombing still Scott veto and it's better than nothing. . Yeah. . Well, , when you say you've been doing stuff have you been late are outdoors shows that are happening over in the UK? ? Yes. . Lhasa idea to and you capacity car park and everyone was. . Set in these little metal so a cages. . Saddam Dune a bigger one with Jonas blue, , which which is more in the country. . saw it up. . North. . It looks really Nice Scott Stream flowing through it like <hes> between the DJ in the crowd and. . So that's good. . That's great. . For Dj's you don't want to interact with anyone because there's a river separating. . So. . We lose call I'll say everyone sat on tables and then. . The Saturday after similar one down Saif. . Paperless starting to do stuff but the winter's come inside don't know what that means. . Really. . Yeah. . I mean there's been some of those. . I'm in Washington DC I. . Know I should have you been there for that where you were back in the day no I've Kinda bounced all over I've been in DC now for about a year and a half before that I was in <hes> San Diego and I back when you and I were talking, , I was probably still living in Chicago back then so I bounced around a little bit. . Think. You're . American. . Oh really. . Where did you think I was from? ? The French. . French awesome in. . All right. . Yeah thought you'd moved from somewhere to America? ? Now I'll take it man. . I'll lean into that. That's . great. . He's probably all that Jack Daniels or used to drink. . Fish. . Are you are you off project Daniels now hostility during but not not a lot but I don't J. Daniels and I remember back in the day there was some there was some. . Times at Avalon in Hollywood and stuff fly that it was. . Fun. . Miss some. . Signs a bit of a mess right now. . Yeah. . I mean here in America we've got kind of a perfect storm of the pandemic mixed with with trump, , which is its own nightmare and you know it's you're kind of seeing like the decline of the American Empire Right now so it's it's just a bunch of shit happening all at once you know people are becoming much more aware of like the racism in this country and it's all happening at the same time. . So it's with all of it on top of each other I mean, , how has it been in the UK what's the? ? What's the mood over there? ? I'll think. . Think paper a little depressed really because. . It's just so dragged on iron. . Eight. . So my slyke nothing's changing fast. . It's am I it's nor it's gay normal Iran, , and even when paper during these events allow vape lawyer that's rubbish in ice of a guide and it's sad because right now, , I can't see them letting clubs, , I've paypal sweats and all ivory. . Anytime say Moi worries for next year because if next year suffers hits a bit like these big companies that do all these big festivals, , they gonNA thing. . Let's do something else. . You no longer pay for going to hang around to make no money I'm hoping next year things Greenfield's of their line up for next summer Kazakh Wisconsin obviously this summer so that people are not like they are expecting to do things but The job is to think of the government don't care about. . They saw this Paul Life Really. . Yeah. . I mean I should cause always say it makes a lot neighbor hates obviously not their priorities it for young people to have fun. . Yeah.

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