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. Learn more at UMG C dot EDU. Certified to operate by shev. 8 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s Jack tailor, we just had a heavy burst of some kind of mix of sleet and snow and possibly rain. What's it look like from the traffic? Always makes it interesting, doesn't it? We were just kind of dealing with the adverse conditions and then more role in. So just take it easy, the volume is indeed lighter. We have a few less of us on the roadway, which I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. You're kind of over driving conditions at times because volume is light enough that the speeds are up. So just take it easy, especially top side of the beltway anywhere between old Georgetown road and New Hampshire avenue. Just take it easy, especially as you ride through that roller coaster. We all know the typical slick spots and ramps and overpasses just take it easy, please. Two 70, you're good at a Frederick so far all the way down to the lane divide. University of boulevard east near 23rd avenue, hyattsville puts an eastbound after Riggs road lanes blocked, serious potentially fatal crash, the investigation is ongoing. Collars out of Montgomery county still say one O eight's blocked, both ways between hall shop road and Tucker lane. This was an overnight crash, long since cleared, but utility crews still working in the roadway remains blocked. You will find in the district without delay, but be aware it's there and will be for a while. The freeway, three 95 going south. We'd had very heavy traffic as you rode toward the outbound 14th street bridge. There is a truck that is on the right shoulder right lane, if you will, but unfortunately early this morning, it was up on the Jersey wall. That damage the Jersey wall, the crews are going to stay there for some time, blocking that right lane but you've got three to the left, getting by. You will find otherwise downtown, looking pretty good. Third street tunnel, New York avenue, D.C. two 95 I two 95. You're okay. One broken down in Virginia. First, the delay, 95 south slows in lorton across the akkan, then in the service roadway for Dale's city, when broken down along the left side, heavy traffic again leaving dumfries. North 95, the ram to go north on two 34, that crash had the ramp blocked. Northbound fairfax county Parkway the ramp to go west on 66 last heard the left side of the ramp was blocked at the crash. Get a free $25 holiday bonus for every $100 and let us gift cards you buy, now through December 30th, visit LE, TT, you CE dot com today. Jack, Taylor, WTO, P traffic. All right, now to store G four mic zone, we just saw more than just rain coming through friendship heights. It's coming our way. Yeah, in fact, to look out the window right now and seeing a mix of rain and sleet that is a squaw lines that advance of this cold front, it stretches

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