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The clouds and didn't fall during the first rainstorm. But the still wouldn't explain six separate blob falls. If, they all came from the same cluster of clouds over the course of three weeks. They wouldn't land in the exact same town. Just like a hurricane moves along a storm path, any remaining blobs would have traveled with the clouds since there were no other reports of mysterious blobs, raining and other towns during that August, we know microscopic jellyfish bits didn't stay in the sky for long. So the OAKVILLE blogs weren't the result of a single waterspout. For this theory to work, jellies would have been sucked into the sky six separate times. Since this was already a freak occurrence. It's too unlikely that it would happen on multiple occasions in the same region in one month. Not only that but OAKVILLE is fifty miles inland from where the bomb tests were conducted. It's extremely implausible that the clouds containing the jellyfish parts would travel that far before finally raining down as blobs. Although animal rain hasn't been extensively studied or tracked by meteorologists. Normally the creatures fall relatively close to where they were sucked up. If the BLOBS were a type of animal rain, they should have showered an area after to the coast. There's also the issue of this stench, or in this case the lack thereof. If the OAKVILLE blobs were recently deceased jellyfish. They would smell. If there were very fresh, they might have a briny sent like the see. They came from, but remember these hypothetical jellyfish remains traveled fifty miles to Oakville. They'd have begun decomposing the moment. They were blown to pieces. By the time they rain down on the town. The decaying jelly would smell like. Well a dead animal, but no one in Oakville ever reported smelling anything. Additionally. There's one last puzzle piece that isn't explained by the jellyfish theory. If these were jellyfish pieces, why did multiple scientists find human and bacterial cells inside the blogs? Over the course of five different analyses, scientists found human white blood cells in the blogs as well as bacteria normally found in the human gut. There's no way these cells could have lived in any other species, which means the blobs weren't jellyfish. While the presence of human cells discredits the jellyfish argument, it bolsters another theory. Some residents of Oakville believed that the blobs came from a more sinister source. They were illegally dumped on the town by commercial airplanes. The human cells were present because the blobs came from human waste. Coming up the grocer side of bys. Looking for a new true crime series to dive into then you'll want to hear this to commemorate fourth anniversary park cast, and the team behind unsolved murders are taking a closer. 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After the explained Blob rains in August nine, hundred, ninety, four many Ville, citizens theorize the falling Goo came from deceased jellyfish, but the presence of human and bacterial cells inside the blogs suggested they could only come from a person. The lab at McCleary hospital identified human white blood cells floating in the BLOBS. White blood cells were also found by epidemiologist Mike McDowell at the Washington state health lab. Mike Osweiler. The head of the hazardous materials spills response team at the Washington State Department of Ecology, also discovered white blood cells in his specimen. Additionally Mike McDowell discovered pseudomonas fluorescence, which can live on human skin. He also found enter a b-actor Clo- achey, which thrives in the human intestinal system both Osweiler and another researcher Tim Davis suspected that the blobs came from people. Somehow someone had shed sells high in the sky, only for them to rain down on OAKVILLE. Osweiler and Davis here is that the BLOBS came from commercial airplane toilets. OAKVILLE sits under a number of flight paths. The town is seventy seven miles southeast of the Seattle Tacoma International Airport, and one hundred seven miles directly north of the Portland. Airport So aircraft had the opportunity to dump excess waste over Oakville, but when a toilet is used on board a plane, the excrement isn't released into the air to fall to the ground below instead it's flushed into a sewage tank. When the aircraft lands, the tank is removed emptied at the airport and replaced..

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