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This two thousand. Two radio brother throwback which makes me feel incredibly old because lincoln park is my favorite band football time in houston at some point to I will play that play. We live our astros in. Houston today. Or i will throw this five hour energy through that window if you do i'll play. Unfortunately we can't play any intra music for troy because he comes in at the top of the hour so the students say screw it. We're gonna play at the top of the hour anyway. We're not allowed to do that. We will fade haircut. Yeah hi top fade. While i was thinking that we Bring him in with this on. Oklahoma nights is great country album. He loves him some country music because he tried to put a cut he sang wants to. Yeah i think. At one point time he was dayton lori. Morgan back in the day wasn't for minute. Look around the country singer years ago. How did how did tricked into. He grow up in california. Say no here's what has borne to. Ucla i'll take quick story about that. Okay so he moved to oklahoma. he's from henrietta. Yeah okay and understand how the guy from west porn and west covina california become family or would come up. I wanna be a country. Yeah right will and did end up with the dallas cowboys yet. Oklahoma and i think most people just a little. You don't blame. Why did he go. he went to. Here's what happened. he gets recruited. Goes though you just the guy. Barry switzer's to coach jim holloway. Who's ab- banning high school los angeles banning. Which is our house quarterback. They're running triple option. Right downhill. troy comes in and they finally got a guy who can rip throw. Yeah breakfast leg. That's whatever here now. A holloway holloway. Gets the job at holloway like tommy. There's about other option quarterbacks. Give it not not counting the military academies right our service academy. Because that's what they do. But even the best option quarterbacks. I've ever seen you know. Go back thomas lot at oklahoma. Tommie frazier was really good back in the day. A guy named jack mill. Dron people know who i'm talking about. There's been some really really good ones. Djamil holloway from banning high school. Do random guy charles thompson whose kid casey's quarterback text charles would get to that age and attack that and boom. There's been a lot of great. You know those quarterbacks nebraska oaklahoma back in when it was big eight football and so troy breaks his leg and god rest his soul. But terry donahue who just died in the last month via one of the great people and i was fortunate to be recruited by him but switzerland donahue relationship breaks his leg and all of a sudden he calls up barry switzer because he knows he's got holloway and he calls them up and says got a quarterback for you got to go through the conversation aikman transfers to ucla and boy. Did he have a quarterback for day. Did and i've just telling this story because we got so much with troy if he told it i'd just be interested in the one story the whole time. Donahue takes him on wednesday java no by the way i pick of the draft by the dallas cowboys so from california goes out to lives in. Henrietta grows up their place. High school. football goes back to california plays. Ucla after broken leg think about his career will if he stays at oklahoma. Maybe doesn't throw. Maybe it's a different maybe than you don't see enough as much him and boom hallway. What rodney peete finished ahead of him. That your funding those to the battle. I think it was third in nineteen eighty eight and what pete finished second. Hang on to pull it up the exact voting but as so. He'll he'll join us better interior donny. What would gold mine. He was delivered. Yeah oh yeah. I'll take him okay. She'll heisman in. Eighty eight was barry sanders. Okay so troy. Maybe try finished top in the rodney. Go at rodney. Got him in the rivalry. Game to rodney i think. Usc beat the one that you're in for twenty eight hundred yards that year. He was who did not running. It's passing yards. I was reading. Something taught by saying taught him. Well ran for digest. I ain't run for twenty eight hundred yards ever in my career let alone in rodney. Barati was really good with his feet. Great feet and a hell of a baseball player to so trail. Join us at eight o'clock but when we come back as i want to discuss an mc you'd asked me during a break. We're gonna hit this texans and i'm a glass. Half full guy said that a million times but the milk sour brother. I can't poor. I can't poor buttermilk in this dog on glass for six or seven wins because my throat open your mouth saw try. I've try and listen. You mean the robie trade trying to find what they're doing. They're getting rid of veterans. It can get them some assets. That can still help somebody else win. How understand why he did. But maybe maybe jesper team right right and we still don't know the compensation right. What if you ask me. What if spencer rattler. Sam how brock purdy or anybody else aren't worthy of being a top two or three pick it would be very worthy but they're not french. You don't think they're going to change your french. It would be the texans luck because every time they basically had the first pick they haven't had. I mean david carley. They probably should have taken david. Chronic pressure taking peppers if they take the first pick of the draft next year and then trade watson for three first. Okay now you start to build a team you say well. Is it going to be a quarterback definitely is it. We discuss that next and take another look at. I'm trying to milk it. Do they play alabama dolls. You no but i'm sure nick would wouldn't mind scheduling it sportstalk seventy. Why isn't the rat race. Warm racy stretching completely shutting down to southwest freeway anyway. Enjoy your time crawling through houston road. Construction with more show. Sounds on sports. Talk seven ninety outside. Tommy outside throwback thursday little cut from two thousand and two. That's the last time we wanted to go back. Two thousand texans were good then. This gives me that football feeling. Say do you think they asked t t shirts yesterday. Oh god Holiday pulled up while you're pulling that up. Do you think they played this. When the texans came back to just guess who's back back while they're back in. Houston that football fan. Did you see all the deserves. They're offering this year. They're offering some crazy desserts like bananas and everything. Yeah like that's county near written all over here you here. Here's their some of their apparel. And then there's this t shirt that's on the table at the head. Because they have the big media lunching by the way jack used in the picture back there probably preaching the gospel do not locked the gospel just mocking. They have a shirt is houston game. Day tailgates first downs. Texans that football feeling awful well as were shirts of ever heard my life. Well how many first downs will i. Who nice prop bet. Can they average fifteen a game automatically under all four first downs. A quarter about a little four. I ask so sixteen. Can they average four first downs. A quarter we'll take the under. I hope that they can. But there's no way you could place a bet on the yes and people think they're pregnant. Lead the league in three and outs the high possibility that yeah a very high possibility that and be running a lot of third down and fifteen draw plays this year. Punters got a chance at the pro bowl. Who is the partner. That's a hell of a question. Who's the kicker getting hurt. If fairburn sign they got to the practice squad. They vont shaman.

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