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Of which the events happen and of course this works especially well here as we are going to be able to go through that royal wedding piece by piece the episode opens up with the ramseys hunt for the other woman who was making miranda feel jealous who is the samantha right had samantha yes yes that's why she will not be sex and the city three because she's been fed to the dogs no tansy tanzi newton is in the house as ramsey and miranda are hunting tanzi i mean ramsey's gonna say that it's because tans he's been making miranda feel jealous this is why they had to track her down but i got to imagine that some of it is like ramsey can't have tanzi around that's too close to his name yeah it turned out to be a great episode for hungary dogs yes dogs have a very good night on game of thrones here with the lion and the rose yes and we see theon in action and we get to see now the new subservient reiki here for the first time in season four yeah and i mean he is subservient and he's like fully on board with just like listening to whatever ramsey has to say just like extraordinary loyalty to this guy because he's been put through so much trauma but even then like it's like this is still a man who could be further traumatized as he's watching these dogs rip board tansy to shreds like the look on alfie allen space as the it's it's really spectacular and conveying just how how horrible his existence is and he's not a complete show of himself yet he's just so deeply wounded and a frayed of what happens if he steps out of line has experienced enough of it himself.

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