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And that's what he's trying to make it when you go to the ball game. I think he's trying to make that between two and two and a half hours instead of a three to four like I told you on I last show in spring training. I was watching they start the clock when the third otters may guy they were guys run on the field. And by the time to pitch a finishes his eight ten pitches. If he choose the throat a minute that was still about thirty to forty five seconds left. And they're still trying that twenty-second for pitcher to get the ball back in. You know, and you know, sure's her Bumgarner all those guys are like, no, no, no, no, we'll pay ourself. We don't have. We don't need. And ball on. You know, the the older players aren't pitcher. I've had hitter stabbed me when I'm pitching retired nine in a row in the manager say step out slow so tactic for the hitter. Yeah. So it will work both ways. But at the same time, I I don't agree with some of the changes. And I know you don't either we like the old school baseball. And what we have to adjust new way of baseball because that's what baseball's doing now. So it's those things that we'll talk about and we'll continue to talk about his ear goes on. And and see if this does work, but right now the giants won today the nice win at oracle park. Five two to three in a row. Three in a row. Five runs. Eleven hits one error for the giants to run six six errors for Colorado and Colorado has lost eight in a row and black. Just got a nice and they're playing nice four game series for you. The scandal as I looked at. All right. We're gonna take a quick break and talks more baseball got Gary Lavelle, Robb, nen Scotty girls at our mystery guests at the end of the show. So we're going to take a quick break. We'll be right back on can be are the sports leader. You're listening to on the hill with vita blue and Bill Laskey. Sponsored by Menards. Markets with eight locations to serve you in the bay.

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