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Them for those who went the full cleared away that your deeds give hope and comfort women the that your deeds give hope and comfort the living it's balls i i'm jesse thorn next up the go team formed in the year two thousand in brighton england the band is basically the brainchild of a guy named in partner he recorded most of the band's first record by himself in his parent's kitchen it's called thunder lightning strike can you'll find our theme song on it a classic go team track has a lot of influence his hip hop marching band music noise rock sixty soul but what makes the band worth listening to isn't that it's some kitchen sink mix of genres every go team track has a unique voice it is almost open dhanra unto itself it's complex lou rough around the edges cookie sample based but still live sounding and maybe the most important ingredient is the people who contribute to the band the other voices that and brings in musicians from dozens of crowns and genres one of his longest running collaborators is the mc ninja she song and wrapped on every go team record including a latest semicircle which drops this week and she fronts the band live in concert let's you're a track from the record uh oh oh oh mm mm.

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