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Power conferences like does this? Matter as far as getting a new power conference that they can't really get. This practice facility up and running Let's put it this way it doesn't help yeah I mean if we believe Lynn Jessop when he tells us that You've gotta have great, facilities to get into a power conference and then this would. Be very important I don't know how important that is but that's what Lynn Jessop in Mentone us for two years if you open. It and you only open, half of it and the price. Keeps going up. And. The open, date gets moved back like it's it's not ideal but We did talk about recruiting last week in regards to facilities because there is that study done basically I said you're don't. Help you recruiting rankings at, all I did want to go through and look. Through Tony. Sanchez. Is recruiting and sort of compare it so us twenty four seven and they're recruiting rankings and. Compared, Sanchez to, Bobby Hauck and Mike Sanford the two okay Yes there wasn't complete information before that so you can't really. Go further. Back But if you look at those three coaches Tony Sanchez class this past class the. Two. Thousand eighteen class had the highest recruting, ranking of any of those years okay and if you did an average ranking Tony Sanchez. Is better at, seventy nine point three compared. To seventy, seven and seventy six so pretty close but. Go, ahead. Still ahead there's yeah it's not. Blown them out of the water yeah Yup a little bit and the two thousand nineteen class. Which is only, seven players deep right, now so that's still what. Changed but still Don pays to be the best even better than last year squad okay so. Sanchez has been better not at the a huge rate but it it, feels like he's his recruiting. Has been better there's progress positive positive progress to the point where. UNLV can move out of the bottom of, the mountain west every year do, the middle middle or lower middle have some baby steps here so that's sort of. Where. Tony Sanchez has been in recruiting compared, to the last two coaches he's been better than I don't know what you want credit. That too but, Sanchez deserve some success now. You've got, to see him turn that into way on. Now Got to produce. But he has been better than recruiting one last thing on UNLV football Lexington Thomas is on an award watchlist thing as a ward watchlist now the Doak Walker award, yes which is the best. Running back in college football is only sixty three on this list So it's better than the Maxwell that Armani. Rogers and they can but they can continue to add all of. These can add yeah you don't. Have to be on that's. Not important they just put. It out it's just, basically, it's just, a big list of, hey these guys are returning starting running. Backs in college football that's basically, what. It this guy played almost every game last year he's back with, the same team so, he's, on the list that's how it works out. Funds that for you though with Lexington.

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