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On russia is there anything no but i think if we go through michael cohen's files we'll find something well if you don't know anything now why are you gonna go through his files and let's say he is this master criminal you make him out to be why would he keep this on his hard drive what criminal commits a crime and then says let me just document this put it in my hard drive let me send an email the people describing the crime hey when we come back nelson demille will be with us on the greatest writers in the world maybe the most popular novelist on earth we'll talk to him about all able asking about cuba to the castro's gone his last book brilliant book about cuba all kinds of things coming up you have a chance to win a thousand dollars after the top of the hour let's get to all the latest news on seven ten w o r here's joe bartlett mark president trump warning iran not to start his nuclear weapons program he says if they do iran will have bigger problems than they've ever had before speaking in the oval office trump was also asked if he was going to pardon his personal attorney mike colin and he said that was a stupid question he greeted the french president for a state visit that began this morning dr ronnie jackson president choice to head the va accused of overseeing hostile work environment new york times says he's also accused of allowing drugs be over prescribed reportedly a pattern of behavior that could delay or derail his confirmation nypd concerned about terrorists using drones to attack new york city deputy commissioner john miller says there are online video showing terex experimenting with potential attacks he's now calling on the feds to provide grants of the city can better protect itself the next update at noon breaking news at once and start your day with len berman and michael riedel in the.

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