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I think one of those dynamics is how good is freaking her classes major acts and so a lot of people kind of work Hey let's let's get into this draft see where we go and you know mark mark you can see a good for us that I I think you guys you know we'd brought in Travis Benjamin and I think it kind of fits into that role and you know I I I I think you know we'll do what we see and hear in the next day if we can if we can do something there and find a good spot for for marquees and and his family and and then you know as as for the other guys you never say never to anything you know listen well we really like our team Larry one we like you know the guys that we have we love to see everybody back he will make it out alive he said thank Carl before before you run also I wonder if you guys felt like we found anything in what was a very different draft you mention are your daughters running the show life was there anything about tonight that you guys see old should just be the way we do it now going forward all honestly tell you that all I mean is there some negatives to it like you know there's a lot of guys we go through our you know our scalps of all been around after a lot of couple years going to colleges and stuff and did you hear about guys and some character issues and stuff where it's not clean and he loved to bring the guy and then spend the day with him and take him out to dinner just hang out and that stuff if you was in meetings of face time but not quite the same so that in some guys like completely different options are determined so you can see do a certain skill set because of the scheme you know those guys involved in this and to work out and working our coaches on just a short some stuff that we haven't seen on tape I.

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