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Ask. The white. House. I also pray for the governor of Missouri and his wife. And staff at the government government offices in Jefferson city. I mean this year. Have been the longest horror movie. And I told her Uber driver that on the way to Walmart the other day. She has been the longest horrible. Horror Movie. Ever been made before. I was supposed to be on the ballot. Governor. Win Or lose. I would gave People Madari another chance another choice I should say Willow. I would have stuck to my guns and fought for freedom. And Win or lose if I were to go on. I would have gone on all the way. I mean. This is nuts. This is absolutely nuts. I shouldn't feel sad and negative all the time. And I'm fighting it all the time. Can we usually petillo getting all these cramps aches film like old It's ridiculous. Absolutely. Ridiculous. But other than that. I'm still fight. I still fighting. You know that song I'm still standing. Like one of those eighty song. I'm still standing. But I pray. Finale those leaders even though I disagree with some of them, I pray with not only pleaded that are. Struggling with covid nineteen, I pray for everybody. That is struggling culpa, Nineteen Donald listen or don't don't don't even know that my show even listed. My parents for them as well. I don't wish none of people. To get the. I had this agreement Don was sickness anybody. I mean that's not my Christian nature to do that. So. I Yeah I. Has Been One crazy crazy week. I mean all Oh i. want to tell you I almost forgot that yesterday were Friday. Yeah. Out of all the crap that was going on. And learning about the president will die and fly than even people in the White House with getting covid. I forgot yesterday was finals like. COLI COW DAYS OF I. I looked at the phone side of life. Oh. And in the day. Do you realize is. Next week. S TO CORONATION Brand. New Second Palace. Next week. Probably around this time I will be on my way to Saint Louis. My Way to the coronation at the Second Palace. I don't know what time I get there. Because we would both be leaving early. God I hope not ungodly hour. Because they'd both be tech bosses, the the Friday before. Okay. So Friday when I forgot about the day was Friday. Next Friday. Tacking or to pull the bosses into what was going to be putting into. Then the next day. The coordination. So, I don't know what? I'm going to be doing. I don't know what I'm going to get the farewell address whether give Thursday. Or Friday. It's so surreal that a pandemic had to. Had to have happened for me to make the move. And to want to be able to do things to be active. So maybe I have I have. maybe I can be at position to find somebody or maybe I can't be a better position to make an impact. Either an entertainment industry or even a political political world. And be someone who helped not not beat them. To hurt like Congress. I don't know why are they taking so long while people are being homeless. Or losing. Job. The airline. When agreed weighty C. Does Not even paying their alive with their own dowry that they're rich Al Fav. So Anyway. Yes. So. After tomorrow tomorrow. Mrs We get, Causeway. WILL OFFICIALLY START A. Transition Week. Here. Tomorrow will officially start transition week. Because tomorrow will be the last day. I will be setting foot in painful church. Until I come back to high see. If they ever have a mission. Emissions week or something like that. Or maybe pot I mean all I got puffiness. Fall. The net the next year the twenty twenty one. I got TA. Fest on my mind. As. I said the when I was doing it ran. On September eleven and the. NFL pickup. And Hence, the name the NFL pickup. Wow. I started to say fof fast and it came out. This that just drove me pathetic. It told me but Derek. Don't meow. Really, don't mind me all so again. I have a love hate relationship Petrom. The.

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