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Mr trump and to shift the burden of the summit back to mr kim whose deputies surprised the white house last week with aggressive language that suggested unilateral nuclear disarmament was a dealbreaker for the high level talks despite the doubts that president kept the door open for the summit and sure enough he pulls out of the deal and now he's still open to it of course but it says you know you gotta you gotta just simply agree to my terms again i ain't gonna meet you unless you agree to my terms which is exactly the right response and now the price surprise the north koreans have expressed a newfound interest in the meeting again you know mr kim you cannot play donald trump you cannot fool him you thought you could but it just didn't work and this is what you can expect this is the greatness of donald trump you don't you don't have to like his brashness you can pick his tweets are a little off color whatever that's fine you're entitled to your opinion but you know what that same brashness is the very thing that allows him to understand the difference between good and evil and how to deal with evil at the same time i want donald trump in my camp there are many times i work with co counsel for example and they are tough tough tough and i find myself saying boy i'd hate to be on the other side of litigation with you i'm glad you're on my side right we we have that many times in life i'm glad you're on my side and i'm glad that donald trump is on my side and if you if you hate north korea and what it does and if you hit iran for what it does and you he evil generally speaking you should be really damn well pleased donald trump is your president how about that.

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