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Like just to compare some for you. How many people would show up for a Lubbock county Republican party event versus how many people would show up for a Jody Errington hint Errington, by the way, played a big role in the headline earlier today because I have met dough trae on my notifications on Twitter that dice air force base will now be the site at which the B Twenty-one weapons training in for the b twenty one weapons tr. Raining and test squadron, but the thing is with Errington. Not everybody has to think alike and believe a like they can agree with each other on seventy or eighty percent of the issues, but whenever it comes to this Lubbock county Republican party by God, you better be at the right place on Sunday. And you better express the same talking points as everybody else is just sheep will in. It drives me crazy in what drives me crazy. Is that west Texans bother very virtue like doing all this work on incest dot com? Figuring out where the lease and clan came from where my grandmother's part of the family came from Methodist, circuit riders. There's a lot of independence there. And if you cannot embrace independence independent thought, then e- aren't gonna hold out very long and. I see all that dec- that I got a lot of feedback after the show yesterday and then into the evening about this criticism. And I don't when I said on Twitter was look alike. I didn't wanna make a though there are some who I've talked with people who may not look like everybody else show up to an event in film like their their second class at those events. That's not my my argument. My argument is more audio logical that there needs to be some flexibility, and you know in. Here's the deal, the Lubbock county Republican party may not feel sorry. If you're outside of Lubbock, but this is pertinent to like, we've got listeners in places where like in the rolling plains where there wasn't a county Republican party until two thousand twelve but we've got some, hyper partisanship. Going in anyway back to the guy in the middle. Sorry for a flurry of thoughts right out of the gate. Does some boroughs has taken it state Representative about the house district eighty three Lubbock, and then six counties that go off to the south west three go off to south west three golf to the southeast is taking it from the Democrats and from the, hyper Democrats in taking it from impounded. Texans. And I think that's respectable. Always appreciate the guy in the middle. I appreciate the west Texaco in ISM of being the guy in the middle. And we'll see how that unfolds over the course of the evening what we're gonna do. Now is get to a quick break in a friend. Ross Ramsey on the show gotta hit full of steam, and we're rolling along here on the program. Be back. Make a little bit of money. A fact with great. With your other sons. Stones hidden. Appreciate Mullin hoard em- Brown on the phone with us. Now is the man the myth legend. He is Ross Ramsey somewhere in the texts capital, or at least near the Texas capitol. Ross Ramsey on a Wednesday. How are you? Ross ramsey. I'm fine right here in the middle of it. I just thought through the rotunda where it's noisy and find find a quiet place. He should just grabbed a bunch of guys who put him on speakerphone said, let's go on the radio. But the good way to clear a room. Hey, guys. We're on the radio. Yeah. He's telling the are you what was so presumably you're watching the house today. Right..

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