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I am with my cool just talented, little co host miss Stephanie wilder Taylor for crying out loud and assorted scale rewind. Hello, stiff Ronnie. I'm so so happy that we're doing this right now because I have a lot to say about this. Well, I hope so because this was the three hour Labor Day episode from hell, gay. Thanks a lot for the vaca-. You jerus-. I have a question though. I don't. Why did it have to be three hours? I feel like it's it's almost insulting to people to be like, you've got three hours to watch this, like it's bad, nothing to hours. We show did we showed it have that three and a half hours or whatever it takes to get through this. And so did everybody on Facebook. I was reading Facebook comments as four hundred something comments on their people. It's so ballsy though Pete, they're just not afraid to lose people. No, I think they just figure everything else is on break. This is a needy needy show like all the contestants on the show it's needy is gonna is gonna get you on the days that it knows, you know, no one else's, they're right. I think we should talk really quickly right off the off the top about Colton being the next bachelor, I'm horrified. And you know spoiler alert because we're not supposed to say spoilers, but this is everywhere like you can't escape it. Okay, grocery story. Like it's everywhere. Yeah. So sorry, everybody and it's it's supposed to be officially coming out tomorrow anyway at the reunion, I think which is next week. I've heard it's coming on good Morning America tomorrow. Oh, well, there. I think that's why they had the break-up happened yesterday. Oh, for Christ's sake with his show. Well, I hope he's the first gay, bachelor. And I don't say that in a mean way like he's gay. You know, I hope I literally, you know, I love him and I hope that he's gay because this was kind of coming out monologue that he had right. Wasn't that he's like, I really like. I do everything for everybody else all the time, and I just want to do something his list Bizet gay is just like a speech impediment, right? Like I do other people all the time. Like, you know, trying to give to you with my tongue was for my dad, like football, if. And he started crying and I was like, oh my God. He cries so much. He cries more than I do. And I'm a girl. Fifty meta pas on stop crying Colton. What do you have to cry about? First of all, he's not emotionally in a good place to be on a TV show in general, let alone one that he's supposed to get married at the end of it worries me is that he seems like he's really crying. I mean, there's a lot of fake tears on here, but Colton seems to be really crying, right? I think he is. I'm telling you, I honestly think he's unstable. I love that man. Yeah, I just I think it's going to be really uninteresting to watch and also why I feel bad for the women that are going to like, that's what they're competing for a guy who has a lot of therapy in front of him, expert ball player with a hurt wrist, a charity in his own name and krill to jackets, how fun like they're, they're really lowering the bar every year with what you're competing for. I know I just don't understand like they have trader Joe. Why? Why can't they use him? I don't get it member of who wants to be a millionaire. It's like the prizes. A million dollars may turn on game show network is like people fighting the street for five dollars, you know? Well, listen trader. Joe was good enough for dancing with the stars, and that's what the people who went on bachelor and then break up with their person go on. Anyway, that's dead is going to be like nice wall. So it was nice, right? Yeah, there's a nice Wellesz. So we'll start from the beginning here..

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