London Times, Time Magazine, Yankees discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney


Meal product at the allstar level it it was covered in the london times in the front page the papers it was basically talked about from here to asia that europe to in we are able to throw whether is time magazine or anything else at them in a mediation and just say the yankees aren't just relevant to yankee fans the akis are part of americana and it's it's a world covered entity in right away got resolved rather quickly so i thought that transaction that trade had a lotta impact on a lot levels from a business and baseball standpoint in your management style what was a turning point for you and the way that you do things whether it's the oab stains ascension with the red sox the red sox getting better two thousand three two thousand four joe tori leaving the the steinbrenner sons stepping in were george had been before let me a serious and a health my manager style how it's evolved and changed as well what was a turning point at what was a significant turningpoint free of the way that you do things you know some i don't know how honest i'd say one the analytics explosion started the two to hit the industry i noticed odyssey when theo epstein was up in boston with bill james and everybody else uh he owed their roster seemed to be performing higher than you would have expected so like anything else you try to your always open minded to what somebody else doing and if they're doing it better try to figure out what it is and how happy you can incorporated and so we started going through a internal uh assessment of you know my attitude is as it should be that the yankees should should have in steimer family arfan be should have every tool in the toolbox are using it to the best of their abilities one in in baseball should have a better department uh in any aspect than the new york negative we should be the best and we should a was aspires to be the best and then if another organisation another sport.

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